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  1. Good idea, would be interested in this for a unique account build.
  2. The bot won't click accept in a custom rumble easy mode, right after it attempts to drink the potion.
  3. They are opening another one... please don't be so ignorant
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/3jhpit/macrobanned_account_review_thread/
  5. Some times it will struggle to find the ladder other times it is fine
  6. @karlrais The bot doesn't find the ladder to go to the basement just clicks out side then afks
  7. How do I use the world hopper function, it clicks the logout tab and then just misclicks in game
  8. Can not manage to get the world hopper to work, it clicks the log out tab then just randomly clicks in the runescape screen, any help would be appreciated
  9. Been using this script for months now however I noticed I have an older version of this, my friend recently purchased it and noticed that his has barrows repair as an option, how do I go about getting the new version?
  10. 99 range 99 def 94 magic 60 pray
  11. don't use a 1 def pure unless you want to get defence exp, the bot has to use long range some times to avoid the venom clouds