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  1. Yeah I do that aswell. If Jagex is smart they would store that kind of info in the cache when an account gets banned. Just like websites use cookies to keep you from making a new account after you're banned..
  2. This happened with GDK's aswell. Its not just chins. They just do sweeps on anyone running alot of accounts on the same ip.
  3. I recently got back into 07 Gold Farming. So 2 days ago I setup 4 accounts at chins, the accounts were all going well and I was making about 15m/day. Then I woke up this morning to find them all Perm Banned. How can I avoid getting all of my accounts perm banned? I have changed my IP ect... and they get banned every time. I have found that If I am only running one bot the account wont get banned. But as soon as I start running 2+ on the same IP/Comp the accounts seem to get banned very quickly. Are there any methods/ways to avoid this? I was considering either proxy'ing the client's to different IP's or running the clients in virtual box's on different VPN's. So what I was wondering is: Would this work? Is there an easier way to do it?
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