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  1. Bot is just idling in bank, started up, loaded settings from previous run(that had no problems and ran for 6+ hours) hit run, it starts taking things out of the bank and then i get this error and it just idles in bank.
  2. Ill try restarting for the next batch of herbs i do. Doesn't really matter to me if its working or not.
  3. Yes, that is the exact xp i have in herblore. Thanks, working awesome so far, much faster then free script =D
  4. I was unaware of this, thank you for explaining that. I am currently running it with the new setup, will report back to let you know how it works! I am well aware that unfinished potions don't give exp, it's actually the opposite. I dont really care as I dont care what my xp is per hour, i use it for money making, not skilling. Here is a pic to explain the problem of xp.
  5. Bought in anticipation of this, xp counter and banking doesnt seem to be working properly. When it first banked it clicked about half way and then would click chat and then click same place on bank screen again and repeated, manually moved it to the bottom where my supplies were and it worked fine.
  6. Will definitely buy as soon as I see it! Also does script log when out of supplies?
  7. Would buy the script in a heartbeat if this was added.
  8. actually found this before you linked it, im giving him a try, still waiting to hear back on my first appeal attempt.
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