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  1. Damn. Was impressed watching this script. Very efficient. Well done!
  2. Here's one Curse/Alching. Not sure why it's saying profit, it's definitely a huge loss.
  3. Would like to buy, is the script currently working?
  4. Still fucking using this. Most of the time it works great, thanks so much USA
  5. Awesome script. Antiban looks awesome. Keep up the good work!
  6. Just bought the script. Lil proggy doing Humidify @ G.E. Looks awesome, human and fast af.
  7. Do other scripts work? Have you tried restarting your client? Are you running in lite mode?
  8. I'm having the same problem, but i'm inputting the correct i.d. Guess I'll just leave it off for now.
  9. ^This unless you're already high slayer
  10. Hi fags. I don't usually post often but this is kinda annoying. I just came back to rs botting a few days ago, and I used the AIO Walker to get my obby mauler from Varrock to Falador. Then I used aMiner Premium to mine at the mining guild. The next day (today), i log on to see my 800k gone and i'm in lumby. I am not keylogged, all of my other accounts are fine and I have virus protection (not to mention a clean install of windows, i'm using a new ssd). The only two scripts I used are the AIO Walker in the Tools section and Aropupu's aMiner. What the hell is going on here? At least the guy had enough dignity to leave my att/def at lvl 1 :/ And yes I used my account in the account manager (even for walker).
  11. I meant like woodcutting to 70 then doing yews as apposed to a climbing boots buyer or something
  12. Thanks...But couldn't you have just replied to my pm a while ago lol
  13. Can't get it to do red sallys. Would really like an update.