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  1. no telling. waiting for announcement
  2. [12:25:04] Loading human mouse movement data. [12:25:06] Successfully loaded human mouse data. [12:25:08] AGENT PATH: C:\Users\Wes\AppData\Local\Temp\t1_agent_1093050000.jar [12:25:13] Exception in thread "TRiBot Looking Glass Main Thread" [12:25:13] java.lang.NullPointerException [12:25:13] at obf.LJ.<init>(tk:172) [12:25:13] at obf.Zj.run(jn:337) [12:25:13] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) Getting this when loading Looking Glass
  3. You can only cash out 15 herb boxes per day...150k/day isn't great If you're trying to make money while training combat stats, I recommend slayer
  4. Bought 15m using BTC. Gold was delivered in a couple of minutes, thanks so much
  5. Damn. Was impressed watching this script. Very efficient. Well done!
  6. Just picked up 30m from your site. Butta handled the transaction, and everything went quickly and smoothly. Thx Yoho
  7. Would like to buy, is the script currently working?
  8. Still fucking using this. Most of the time it works great, thanks so much USA
  9. Awesome script. Antiban looks awesome. Keep up the good work!
  10. ^This unless you're already high slayer
  11. Why are people still gravedigging this? He was last active November 30...Sorry people but you ain't getting $2/m lol
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