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  1. how do i re download the client??
  2. how to i update tribot? ive tried re doqnloading it but whe i dod it doesnt replace the odler version i have. it just opens one from the webiste.
  3. vip

    i was vip before adn didnt use tribot. is vip a montly payment?
  4. vip

    that doesnt make any sense
  5. vip

    when i try to use my scripts it says your not a v.i.p, and u may only use premium scripts. what do i do?
  6. i bought this bot a few days ago and it worked fine. now when i try and hunt chinchompas with it it only sets up one trap and picks it up right away after being set. help please
  7. i bought the hunter AOI script and the red salamander script doesnt work
  8. my red sally bot doesnt work. any help would be helpful
  9. need help. wont elt me start the bot. i have no errors when its loading. says starting tribot but nothing happens. someone please help