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  1. I just did a test break, when the break initiates the bot just stands there. Everything was working completely fine before all these updates. I don't understand the concept of updating it, why try and fix something that isnt broken. It seems like every update just more and more shit piles up.
  2. I'm glad it works for you, your post was no help so i don't understand why you would even say anything at all honestly lol.
  3. I don't know if it's just me, but my scripts will not break. like ever anymore. it will log me out and never log back in, i'd come on my computer and the script is still running on the login screen and it doesn't say anything about taking a break. it would be awesome if this could get fixed soon cause i don't understand what the problem is and it's quite frustrating actually cause this is wasting time.
  4. You're a god.
  5. ^ the same thing is happening to me also.