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  1. graszy

    [Free] Troll Scripts Request Thread

    mass reporter plz that spam reports custom name
  2. graszy

    Best script to get permed?

    lol just bot chickens with no breaks
  3. graszy

    Private Tab Maker Request (Details in thread)

    Add my skype albinsmain
  4. Just a proggy @erickho123 http://gyazo.com/61a31a2d39a105c8576d69eb31cfa5ed
  5. graszy

    TRiBot Release 9.200_0

    Looks great!
  6. Made me a flawless and awesome private script. Use this guy he makes the best scripts!
  7. graszy

    Paying Scripter $20

    I will pay $20 for this script. I want the script to pick potatoes in Lumb (Just north of the cows) and then bank them in Varrock east bank, then just repeat it I'm only going first if you're trusted, or we can also use middleman It shouldn't be too hard to make this script If you wanna make quick & easy 20$ add my Skype : albinsmain Thanks!
  8. graszy


    This script is basicly like BAT ACCOUNT CREATOR but just to spam in friend chats.
  9. Hello bois. If you know how to script and want to help me out, either free or I can pay you. The script I want is following (1.)Login to a P2P account. 2. Click "Create Account" 3. Click "Done" 4. Click randomise 5. Use a random age, random email (or email seed) like [email protected] then [email protected] etc. Put a password in the GUI. Same as with the Email-adress. 6. Then click "Play now" What this will do is that you won't login to any world if you logged into a P2P account before, this will keep you in the lobby. Like this. 7. Click "back" 8. Now it's time for the scripts reason, to spam friends chat. Note: I want the choose in a GUI or edit in the script, whats fc to join and spam in, and what to spam. After spammed 5 lines in a friends chat, i want it to click "create new acc" and start over again. Do you guys know how to make this script? I also want this script to have GUI as I said, that I can choose, what email seed (if not random number emails) and also what friends chat to join and spam, I want it to spam multible,not just one. and also how many text lines to spam I don't want some kid to make this script, I want a good scripter to make this. Contact my Skype : albinsmain We'll discuss prices over Skype, not here. I want this script to be private, and NOT public.
  10. graszy

    Need someone to make script for me.

    Na im 7, how about you?
  11. graszy

    Need someone to make script for me.

    I will use this for advertising you foolish... Not to advertise when im selling stuff or merching. Fooolishhh
  12. Hello there I need someone to help me to make a script. The script I want is, Auto Typer with 3 lines and make it do the 'dance' emote all the time while it's advertising. You know how to make this and want to help me? Add my Skype! - I will explain more on Skype what I want the script to do etc. Skype: Albinsmain, thanks ALL for help