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  1. Open with Java, that's all I can say right click on the file and choose "Open as Java..."
  2. www.tribotvip.me
  3. @TacoManStan , just one thing to say, you retarded
  4. How do you think TRiBot will make money if the bot was free? The VIP is only $8 at highest and it's defently worth it buying if you goldfarm.
  5. First off all there is nothing called "lower ban rate" JaGeX can't detect how the mouse moves. Okay so how do they find the bots then? They use something called Client Detection, which is basicly a scanner that runs every 15 mins that scanns diffrent runescape accounts to check of they're on TRiBot client. (This is confirmed on LiveStream hosted by Mod Jacmob) However, if you wanted a suggestion on a good runecrafting script, here is one : https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/13-usa-abyss-runecrafter/
  6. mass reporter plz that spam reports custom name
  7. He didn't say anything and now he logged off, you just gotta belive me dude
  8. I just can't belive this. I'm running 5 bots, I was checking them all then Mod Ronan just stood beside my bot. I thought I would get banned LOL but then I started to talk to him: After I said that, he just dissapeared. Well, the results may be; Jagex can't detect TRiBot Client? All I know is that Jagex can check if you're on OSBuddy client. Hopefully I won't get banned. Mr Fanboi Kappa and then i joined his fc and i think i jizzed my pants, he added my to his friends list. L0L im fucking dieing not gna lie http://gyazo.com/d86629953868ff826a28be50bc4495d1
  9. Cool guys, thx for info
  10. l2 bot Kappa
  11. Hey guys My point of this post was to ask you guys if you have been banned lately. 3 days ago, i tried something new, not a new method or bot, just something that i've always thought would work, and it's acutally working. I never get banned anymore, is it just me?
  12. lol just bot chickens with no breaks
  13. Update Java, Remove TRiBot's Folder than download new fresh TRiBot, nothing more I can help with, happy botting