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  1. even hafter running OSBuddy on .jar im still getting the black screen....
  2. how do i run osbuddy.jar? thank you for your help by the way!
  3. just a black screen or cant find a runescape client. using OSRS original client
  4. Can you explain how you got this to work? ive been trying for over an hour now with now luck:(
  5. So since LG has been broken since the past 2 weeks i haven not been botting and been completely wasting my mçney!!! I am very eager to just use the Tribot client for 1-2 hours a day to atleast get some gains. what do you guys think? wait it out until LG is fixed or risk it and use use the Tribot client?c
  6. Thank you Encoded. Hope this issue gets resolved sooner than later...
  7. LG is broken for me and doesnt recognize Runelite client
  8. I'm having an issue with the potions options. Every time I start the program it says something along the lines of "A listed item does not correspond with the items in your inventory". and then the bot shuts off. If I remove the potions ( regular 4-dose attack and strength) the program works flawlessly. Ive trie messing with the when to drink option but nothing seems to work. maybe a bug or most likely just operator error.
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