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  1. @Tri Awesome script man! Really appreciate the effort you put into making it. I'm just having one problem and I don't know if anyone else is having this issue, but the problem: Training in Lumbridge with webwalking/lumbridge bank enabled (doesn't matter which bank setting it is on), it will walk to the bank go up the stairs withdraw the correct amount of food and when it walks back to the staircase it doesn't walk down them. It looks like it thinks it's on the first floor but it's on the third. Picture: https://gyazo.com/c4e22750f313c6e1372fc914454303b9 Thanks Again! Let me know if you want me to add you on skype.
  2. I am not, I am running two accounts in two different windows. It has the same problem when going to seers!
  3. On progressive leveling, it does walk to fally, but it will stop when it gets there. [13:33:40] Starting client. [13:34:44] Downloading script 'aAgility [Premium]'. [13:34:45] Script Started: aAgility [Premium]. [13:34:47] Autoleveling is enabled. Following courses are disabled: [13:34:47] Your level is: 44 [13:34:47] Canifis is disabled in your autoleveling settings! Choosing next best course! [13:34:47] Best course for your level is Varrock Rooftop [13:34:47] Disabled all randoms. [13:34:47] Generating script antiban profile... [13:34:49] Antiban profile successfully generated! [17:38:12] XP failsafe is now disabled before breaking. [17:38:12] Break Handler: Taking a break for: [18:16:08] Break Handler: Break ended. [18:16:08] XP failsafe is now enabled after breaking. [18:16:09] Login bot started. [18:16:09] Login Bot: Login... [18:16:10] Login bot succeeded. [19:18:29] Progress report: [19:18:29] Location: Varrock Rooftop [19:18:29] Gained levels: 5 [19:18:29] XP achieved: 45320 [19:18:29] XP/hour: 7912 [19:18:29] Total runtime: 05:43:39 [19:18:29] Reached level 50! Changing to Falador course! [19:21:50] The script didn't gain any xp in 3 minutes. Logging out! [19:21:50] If you think this was an error, you can disable this in the settings! (Behavior -> Random settings) [19:21:50] Position: (3032, 3342, 0) [19:21:50] Progress report: [19:21:50] Location: Falador Rooftop [19:21:50] Gained levels: 6 [19:21:50] XP achieved: 45320 [19:21:50] XP/hour: 7835 [19:21:50] Total runtime: 05:47:01 [19:22:09] Script Ended: aAgility [Premium].
  4. Has this actually been happening to you? Because this needs to be brought to attention if so.
  5. Hey, so this script is epic but just wondering if anyone else is running into this problem, it seems that the script is losing the marks it receives. For instance, last night I had 230 marks and this morning I wake up and only have 70 in my inventory. I checked my bank there is nothing. So I'm not sure if it's because I'm dying which I believe is highly unlikely considering I have 93 agility (currently at ardy course). I'm just really confused from how they are randomly disappearing. P.S. great script, thank you!
  6. Great script!! I'm just wondering with the ABC2 does it actually do much in this script because i rarely see the mouse leave the screen and the movement is also very fast. Don't get me wrong I love the script but its just an honest observation. Thanks for a sick script. I also am in love with your magic script<3
  7. Does anyone know if this script has ABC 2.0 implemented? or is it still just ABC10
  8. Does anyone know if this script has the new ABC2 implemented yet?
  9. You should implement the ABC2 if you can ;D please. Been using it, it's a good script and just noticed you updated. Nice GUI. Thanks for script! Nice paint also!
  10. Does anyone know of any other scripts that have implemented ABC2, besides the ones given? Thanks. P.S. TRiLeZ you're the man!