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  1. It works perfectly now! Thanks!!!
  2. Hey, I just tried the bot out and I'm having this problem. I made sure that the interface id's are right, but it still doesn't address the interface. I think rs might have updated? because a few other scripts were having the same issue.
  3. Who's getting 99's without bans?
  4. Jeez. vip too? damn Thanks for letting me know!
  5. Take it from a person who had aspirations of being a gold farmer back in 2013 and got ip chain banned after a week. Gave up after that lol. Diversify your risk. Don't throw them all at Zulrah. Have 2 bots running mage tabs, another 2 at brutal blacks, 2 air orb runners, etc. Also, buy the scripts weekly. You don't wanna get banned 3 days in and have all that extra money wasted on a script you can't use..
  6. Yea... So my accounts got banned and I won't need these credits for a while. lmk your skype/discord/yahoo?
  7. I mined for 6 hours and got banned. My main got banned from high-alching a few hours. Always bot on accounts you don't care about. Your main account just pay someone else to manually do it. It doesn't cost much.
  8. Can't, Minimum is 5 credits. Or you could buy it from YoHoJo. he's the only one who's ever online to sell em.
  9. Tried the trial last night and made 700k. Hopefully I stay un-banned long enough to make back the cost of the bond Edit: aww, banned on 2 separate account. 1 perma, 1 moderate. Good going though, lasted 2 days. :)
  10. nvm.. its way cheaper to just buy the minimum 5 credits than pay someone for 1
  11. How do you not end up dying? I died more than 15 times over the span of a hour.. And i tried at various times of the day, 1500 worlds, etc.
  12. yeah, I usually lose around 20-30 prayer points on the boat Great script though Netami!
  13. How much? (looking for someone with a lot of feedback)
  14. I'm going to start 2 more bots in about a week.
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