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    24 years old - Own my own house - No kids, just pets - Work for AT&T as a supervisor for the billing and sales department - A professional musician - Plays all instruments - Started playing RuneScape in 2003 - Nearly maxed on rs3 - Very nooby on RS2/OSRS - Has 18mbps cable internet speed - Only uses laptop
  1. Depends on the account that got banned. If it was one that you weren't worried about then you appeal it, make a new account if you want and continue. If it was a very valuable and precious main account like mine was, you appeal it and cry yourself to sleep, burn yourself with lit cigarettes, call it quits and move on.
  2. Same here. banned without getting put in world 385 and without ever getting reported
  3. Lol! thats what I said too. You will get bused eventually dude, take my word on it. Its only a matter of time before everything you've worked on over the past few years is gone
  4. I just got banned tonight too. Running premium scripts only, using proxies and always being at the computer or around the computer to check it. Just out of no where, while I was watching the screen my account got forced logged and was perm banned. 11 years on the account, 170m on runescape classic, 40m on OSRS and 300m on rs3 as well as maxed on rs3 and its just perm banned. Im a little upset because I was going to sell the OSRS gold, but other than that I dont really care because I'm done. I'm a 24 year old man and I shouldnt give a fuck about this game as I dont give a fuck about any other game, so why should I get all sad and upset over runescape? I played it safe, I didnt gold farm and I stayed at the computer to socialize and not be another nameless bot abusing Jagex's game for profit. So if they want to perm ban all of us and think that we're just going to make a new account and put membership on it, well fuck them. Eventually it's just all going to be legit noobs who play RS and they arent going to be getting enough money to support their new fancy updates.
  5. UPDATE: It's dropping all the herb seeds I entered in manually like toadflax, irit, lantdyme and cadantine etc.
  6. Major props on the new GUI Druid. While other people where complaining about "not being able to run the script" and threatening to "quit using" and talking all bad about it, I on the other hand had pure faith in you. Once again, love you <3 By the way, you planning on implementing the new ABC?
  7. Bleh... Keeps enabling randoms before it gets to the inner part of the abyss. losing 1 glory per hour at this rate.
  8. Omfg Tri, this script has ABC level 10? Dude, thank you. You have no idea how much that means to me Btw, can u add super defense support when you get back to a computer? It's the only pot i care to use. saves lots of my sharks
  9. My script isn't working. It wont close out of the GUI, and the debug says "waiting on GUI". It's not that the GUI freezes, I can press start script 1000 times. It just doesn't close and initiate the script.
  10. Once you hit a bot world, your pretty much screwed. your going to get banned eventually unless you stop botting now. They already suspect you and they are already watching you. Doesn't even matter if your not in the bot world, your already under jagex's radar and they are watching every move you make.
  11. I actually sell them for 24k each. I dont use Zybez to sell meh seeds, I sit in word 330 advertising them. Although zybez is useful, I dont like how it is used to basically determine the prices of everything in the game. One of my favorite things about pre-GE was that you could charge whatever you wanted for something without some guy walking up and saying "rofl those are only 5k each gtfo". Here is what I will get out of the seeds I got in that proggy i posted: Ranarrs = 336,000gp Watermellon = 27,000gp Limpwurts = 12,000gp Strawberry = 5,400gp Sweetcorn = 16,00gp Total: Roughly 400k Still not bad at all and not off by a whole lot. Most of the seed prices are pretty close give or take a little here and there besides the strawberry seeds. The paint says the strawberry seeds are 1.3k each but I have a hard time getting 250-300gp each out of them. I really hope the next update is like a massive one with a GUI and the food problem fixed and everything, because now the script is starting to shut down on me too. It usually runs for about 2 hours before it geeks out and turns off. Not to mention that it's only taking out like 6 lobsters when it banks. I know I'm 86 thieving but still - 15 or 20 lobs be ideal
  12. ] 83 thieving and using Gloves of Silence Half a mil in 85 minutes.
  13. A strawberry seed is not worth 1.3k! 250gp max is what you get out of each strawberry seed
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