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  1. Welcome to the forums, Ritchy. #1 overall rank is quite an accomplishment, when did you achieve this rank about?
  2. For the most part this problem appears to be fixed, for normal modes. However, for the custom feature, I still get the error stated in OP.
  3. I'm not trying to be a mod, I'm simply reminding OP of the rules for cracked software. Thanks
  4. I'm pretty sure that this isn't allowed here.
  5. I know that they do have some form of detection, for example look at RSBot and all the ban issues they have had. Could you link us to that video you were watching?
  6. What is your approximate profit per hour with laws and natures?
  7. If I were you I would hold off on gambling for a while, as it is a very hard addiction to control.
  8. Awesome update, this will definitely come in handy.
  9. Refer to this announcement as the staff sorts these issues out.
  10. Currently there isn't, however the idea could definitely be suggested by creating a topic about it here.
  11. There is a small bit of hope, but it isn't likely that you'll get unbanned.
  12. Updates look very nice, especially the webwalking and hook updater.