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Everything posted by gabrielspecter

  1. @Usa I have experienced similar issues that were reported above in regards to getting stuck at certain locations. Has that issue been fixed?
  2. @Usa, You should make this premium. It really deserves it.
  3. So what happened to this script?
  4. From your personal testing, how was the ban rate? I remember having a private script farming this, and they (8/8) all got perm banned within the week.
  5. This.
  6. Try this website. They even have a number you can call them at. https://www.fbi.gov/tips
  7. is this script fixed and good to use now?
  8. I killed him. You're welcome.
  9. @J J I support this feature. Also in addition to this, make it so that once we reach a certain level of a skill, it switches to train another skill. This would be greatly appreciated.
  10. F2P or P2P?
  11. Guess he was on Vacation. He's back now, so get ready for that ban hammer to start swinging away.
  12. Is Mod Weath on vacation or something? Anyone here received bans within the past few days?
  13. Interested also if this update @Tri finally pushed actually solved the issues for portal attacking? Standing and defending has always worked well but the ban-rate with that method is almost guaranteed. Anyone running portal killing smoothly?
  14. @daxmagex Can you please add Skills Necklace to the list of Rechargables?
  15. Gl, i can personally tell you that it will be very profitable.
  16. Still not working.
  17. Project is to build a forum website that manages automated Group Promotions to Social Media sites such as Tumblr, IG, FB. It requires management of live chat group (removing / adding users to groups within a repetitive set time) and automating posts to said Social Media sites. Must have a good knowledge of cPanel modification along with adding plug-ins and some Web Programming knowledge along with PHP & JS Jquery. Talk over FB or Skype for more information. (PM me)
  18. Yes, seems that way. Not really a generic social media bot though, focuses more on a niche. The only bot-like quality that is similar would be making automated posts, but that is hardly breaking rules. I need someone who is capable with PHP
  19. Like the thread says, anyone here have experience with Website Design? I have absolutely 0 knowledge in regards to it but have some questions about it and if anyone who is knowledgeable in that area can help me answer a few questions over Skype that would be greatly appreciated. Doesn't have anything to do with RS or botting, btw. Please let me know via PM for Skype. Thanks.
  20. More specifically, any coder who has experience with good knowledge of cPanel modifications along with adding plug-ins and some Web Programming knowledge with PHP & JS Jquery.
  21. PM'd