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  1. [ABCL 10] ExGildedAltar - Joins other houses and trains your prayer

    Can vouch, this problem still exists. @erickho123
  2. Thanks for the free renewal of my proxies as a gift for coming back! Much appreciated! Had the best results with your proxies
  3. [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro [6$ per 3 instances]

    @J J Are updates coming out soon?
  4. @Montreal Renewed my proxies almost 3 days ago yet no response from you via Tribot PM's or email. Proxies still not renewed. What is going on??
  5. [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro [6$ per 3 instances]

    I'm guessing this new version won't have a world hopper feature?
  6. @Final Calibur You mentioned adding 10 - 20 quests by the end of the summer. Is there a list of these upcoming quests you are planning to add?
  7. @Tri The bot doesn't recognize to attack monsters when they are trapped behind a door. For example, in a multi-combat zone, when multiple monsters are attacking you and one of them is trapped behind a door, the bot will kill all the monsters that is currently attacking the bot but after killing them, the bot does not attack the monster that is trapped behind the door. It recognizes that the bot is still in combat and needs to attack that monster stuck behind the door (since it aggro'd it) but it will just stand there until you either manually move it so it can attack the monster or move so the stuck monster can finally attack you. Had my bots idle out and log because it just stood there. Is it possible for you to implement a feature where we can set our own custom area radius?
  8. [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro [6$ per 3 instances]

    @J J Could you please add in World hop feature? All other combat AIO's have them.
  9. nBarrows 2017 Development

    @Netami If you need some more beta testers let me know. Have an account that is maxed melee / magic with Morty Hard Diaries completed.
  10. nBarrows 2017 Development

    Have you tested it with a maxed melee / magic + Morty Hard Diary completed account? I would be very curious to see how the profits would be.
  11. Looking for Automated Goldfarm script

  12. Dinh account creator

  13. @xCode Is it possible to implement a feature where it restores Energy by clicking a Pool of Rejuvenation whenever it leaves the house to go bank?