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  1. Hey @erickho123, Curious to know if you have a top 5 ranking of who has the most XP using your NMZ script?
  2. When will the re-login feature be working again? This is starting to get ridiculous. It has been broken for a few weeks now. @TRiLeZ @Fluffee
  3. @TRiLeZ @Fluffee Is Login Bot still broken?
  4. I see. Thanks for clarifying it, much appreciated.
  5. What is this login issue that has still yet to be fixed? Does login bot not work at all?
  6. I also can confirm, I have the same problem reported above. Using Super pots
  7. Thanks for the update. As of now, my honest review is that it requires a dedicated babysitting session to have a smooth experience. Taking this into consideration, it still does get you your dragon defender as I can confirm on multiple accounts. However, if you are looking to farm defenders, this script is not quite there yet. I am hopeful though that with the quick updates and fixes that you provide, it can become a suitable replacement to Kalrais' Warrior guild script.
  8. @Netami 5.) You should make the bot eat food to full hp when it is banking. I nearly died (<10 hp) when in the armor room farming tokens because it started its token farming with less than half HP because bot does not eat when banking before farming tokens or killing Cyclops. 6.) When a defender is picked up, the bot leaves the room and goes to bank, but sometimes when it reaches the groundfloor (where the bank is), instead of clicking the bank and re-stocking mats and going back up to kill Cyclops, it just goes back up the stairs without even clicking the bank. So essentially, the bot goes up and down the stairs for no reason. 7.) Died as well and was just idling at lumby. Pretty sure it was because of #5 though. But just in case, probably best to be safe to have a fail-safe that if you do end up dying, you log out and end script. 8.) When going to the basement to farm dragon defenders for the first time, it needs to talk to the NPC in the basement to be allowed to enter the basement area. The bot does not recognize this. Instead it continuously clicks the door, even though it cannot enter.
  9. 1.) Even when I set to 20 (so that it would have a full inventory) when I am farming tokens and inventory is still full, it does not eat food to make space to pick up the tokens. It continuously tries and clicks to pick up the tokens. You should change it so it will eat 1 food to make space for tokens. 2.) Thanks 3.) So it will use up whatever amount of tokens you get from your 1 trip of farming tokens then? 4.) When a defender drops, it seems that the bot will immediately go to the bank to restart the process of farming tokens in the armor room but it still just keeps the defender it picked up in the inventory instead of banking it or equipping it. Is that intended?
  10. @Netami Suggestions + Fixes: Settings do not get saved. Which means everytime I start the script, I need to input the settings again. Fixes: 1.) Amount of Food to take: No matter what number I input, it keeps only taking out 12 of the food item I set. Ex: When I set food to Lobster and to withdraw 21, it only withdraws 12 and continues on. Apparently, there is a limit of only 20? Why? 2.) When you run out of food when farming tokens, it leaves for the bank before picking up tokens from the last kill. 3.) When you run out of food and go back to the bank, it does not re-stock and go back to farm more tokens until the set quota has been met, it instead goes straight up to Cyclops to farm for defenders even though it has not met the inputted token quota. In fact, even when I manually withdraw the exact amount of mats before starting the script to go farm 400 tokens, as long as I have tokens in my inventory it will just go straight to farming defenders instead of actually farming for the set amount of tokens that was inputted.
  11. @daxmagex Script works great, but when world-hopping, it logs into the Tournament World and script goes haywire. Any chance you can blacklist Tournament/PVP worlds?
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