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  1. @Aropupu Never had this problem occur to me before. I have been using same settings for weeks. First time running into this problem. https://i.gyazo.com/48861412faa809ec8ae82c8f9a6efc8d.mp4
  2. @Netami Can you implement a feature where it saves the last run settings? It's kind of annoying having to re-enter all the options over again each time. Thanks.
  3. With this Thursday's update it seems that Jagex changed the menu screen option so that when you get logged out due to AFK or a disconnect, you are given a new prompt. The bot doesn't seem to be able to handle this properly to log back in. Please pass this along for the devs to a look at @Fluffee Thank you.
  4. @Naton Another error, if not how do i stop this? When casting Enchant Jewelry, the script individually casts the spell on each individual ring/amulet, etc. You don't have to do this. When you just cast it once on 1 ring, the spell automatically enchants all the rings in the inventory in a timely manner by itself. You don't need to keep re-casting the spell on each ring. Only time it would have to re-cast is if it gains a Magic level. Example: When casting Enchant Jewelry - Lvl 1 on Sapphire Rings, it will cast Enchant Jewelry spell individually on each separate Sapphire Ring.
  5. @HeyImJamie Can you add a simple feature where if we are using a friend's POH house which has a Pool (Rejuvenation, ornate, etc), it will use it to re-fill our Run % to 100% before we go run to the bank? That will speed up XP/hr significantly.
  6. The script has a problem making Combat Potions with Goat Horn Dust and Harralander Potion (unf). I have both of those items in the bank and when I start the script to make Combat Potions, it recognizes and withdraws Goat Horn Dust, but cannot recognize Harralander Potion (unf) and script shuts down saying it has run of supplies. Please take a look @Naton
  7. @Einstein Error with Burning Logs option. It burns logs in the inventory fine, but once it reaches the end of the tile strip, the bot just idles out with the message, "Tile finding algorithm started" and doesn't do anything, even when the tile strip it just did is clear again. Tried this in Draynor and ran into the error. Might want to take a look.
  8. Plague City and Biohazard technically has no stat requirements though, so does that mean this script will successfully run those quests to completion? But it will just stop when it tries to do Underground Pass?
  9. Hey @erickho123, Curious to know if you have a top 5 ranking of who has the most XP using your NMZ script?
  10. When will the re-login feature be working again? This is starting to get ridiculous. It has been broken for a few weeks now. @TRiLeZ @Fluffee
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