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  1. I R C name OMdyce Come check us out! We hosted the largest 07 best yesterday, video will be out soon!
  2. Is no one getting worried that teleports are continuing to increase in price. Went from 17k to 24k in 3 days
  3. I haven't used this script in a few months. I was wondering how the price of teleports has effected profit recently for some of you users.
  4. not allowed
  5. Yeah a few of us got hit with this.
  6. My bot was doing that this morning, Not having an issue anymore.
  7. Having same issue this morning.
  8. What is your gear set up? make sure you adjust the drag bar to the left.
  9. @Worthy if I was going to run two scripts at the same time would i just need to purchase another instance?
  10. Best gold farming script by far. Thank you