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  1. Scripts not working

    Have you tried deleting the .tribot folder? You can click the link in my signature to find out how if you haven't!
  2. What is ABCL

    The original Anti-Ban Compliance thread: The newest release (ABC2):
  3. Purchasing a script

    You can use PayPal, and each credit costs $1 USD. 1:1 ratio in most cases (not including taxes if any apply) You should be able to use PayPal via this link: https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/purchase_credits/?pp_panel=1
  4. Still having Issues with Looking Glass

    That would be useful to put in the report, I'm going to go ahead and close this thread. Feel free to create the report.
  5. Still having Issues with Looking Glass

    I do not see any reports about it in the proper section linked above. It is easier for TRiLeZ to look over a proper bug report in the proper section than to look through several posts with no specific information regarding the bug.
  6. Still having Issues with Looking Glass

    If Looking Glass or TRiBot in general is not functioning properly, be sure to post in this section: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/163-client-bugs/ Make sure that you follow the format as well:
  7. Hola Mi Amigos

    Welcome to the TRiBot community!

    You need to download and install Java in order to run TRiBot (and Runescape itself).
  9. Can't load client on mac

    @ortizrocks3 check this thread out: Seems it is the solution to the problem you are having.
  10. Hi

    Hey @rpg711! Welcome to TRiBot. I agree, things are much different than they used to be, however, it is still possible to make great gains if you are careful! Hope you enjoy TRiBot and best wishes with botting!
  11. How to cancel my account?

    No, however, you can go inactive in case you decide you want to return. If you're having any specific issues I can help you with feel free to send me a message. Sorry to hear you are leaving.
  12. How to cancel my account?

    What do you mean by cancel?
  13. I believe coinbase is preferred. Here is a post TRiLeZ recently made regarding 3rd party platforms.
  14. If you have the weapons in your inventory you can go to the debug and select inventory. Example: