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  1. Okay, can't wait for release. If you need a tester I'll do it, I have all requirements done for every clue.
  2. Getting hard clues is hard, how does the bot know where to go to fight monsters? do we tell it where to go? you have use prayer to when killing monsters that drop hards ignore my last post, i read it wrong
  3. Do you know every single requirement for every single clue in the game easy through hard, or where I could find this.
  4. Will this go to monsters that drop hard scrolls? because the locations in the paint arent any areas where hard clue scrolls are dropped and what if you dont have the requirements for a clue?
  5. Usually it updates itself, but usually I just like to download a new version just incase.
  6. Doesn't deposit empty potions or random rewards I ran it with 50 attack, 50 strength and 68 def You should be fine with 50-60 attack 50+ strength and 40+ def
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