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  1. System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Click the button shown below EDIT: Don't try to open it some sneaky way or you'll end up with a more unusual error that is even harder to diagnose than the original.
  2. No. It is the new Lily's QBD script.
  3. Ah this makes sense. You missed the joke - it was not his script. Paint is completely different. I was hoping it would be more obvious.
  4. Well. It's been a month since I took that screenshot. And it is implied on TriBot that when your account gets banned you let the world know. So no need to ask.
  5. 13+ hour prog thanks man
  6. I thanked you for your input. How did that invite a lash out.
  7. Good point. Camera turning is done to allow viewing of objects in the gameport and if things are being clicked in a static reference outside the gameport I can see how that would pose a threat...the 'human' is not looking where the camera is rotating. However, some players may have really good muscle memory and know how/when to turn the camera while they are doing other things though. I would just hate to remove this feature as the efficiency of my script would go down more than you would expect. I'm sorry I forgot that you had complete read access to my scripts. Let me know which lines are poorly written please.
  8. Thank you very much for the thorough answer. I would just like to point out that the mouse movements occurring at the same time as the camera rotation only act in the game tabs. So while the camera is spinning, prayers are being activated and inventory items are being clicked. That interface does not move with the camera. Therefore it would not produce the strange mouse movements fighting a rotating runescape universe that you refer to. You're the first one to propose that it could be dangerous. (I have talked to others on Skype)
  9. ...something that does not usually occur in private scripts. And thank you for your input.
  10. Hello, On a few of my scripts I use multithreading to accomplish mouse movements and camera turning (via keyboard) simultaneously. I originally did this because 1. It is much more efficient to do two things at once (and almost necessary when fighting bosses) and 2. I assumed that by breaking the step-by-step execution of actions (by performing multiple steps at once) it would seem less programmatic and bot-like. I have of late experienced a ban or two on accounts running this script- something that does not usually occur in private scripts. I am looking at several factors that could have caused these bans. This multithreading recently just struck me as a possibility. Is this something a script should avoid doing? Are scripts that commit simultaneous actions dangerous? Thanks for reading. EDIT: To be more descriptive- Event A occurs. Because of event A, my camera needs to be facing a different direction, inventory items need to be equipped, and prayers need to be changed. Therefore I rotate the camera WHILE the mouse is (sometimes) clicking items in the inventory and (sometimes) activating prayers. I am now ready to perform my next action more quickly than if I were to rotate the camera, wait until it finished rotating, then interact with the game tabs as necessary.
  11. You clearly did not read my approach which allows for actions/condition checking throughout the 15 seconds. You just explicitly created a Timer by doing more work than you had to.
  12. They are too desperate to ban ALL bots. But are practically required to ban SOME bots to maintain the integrity of their game. There is a bell curve for bots allowed in the game before significant legit players start quitting. They just have to maintain the peak of that curve. Similar to if the government raised taxes so high lots of people would stop paying them- they would actually get less money from taxes.
  13. I would definitely recommend a Timer over a loop that increments an integer every 1 second. Timer inventoryFailSafeTimer = new Timer(15000);inventoryFailSafeTimer.reset(); //Start 15 second timerwhile(condition) { if(!inventoryFailSafeTimer.isRunning()) { //If the timer is no longer running... break; //or bank here } //Do other things while waiting General.sleep(40,60);}bank(); //Will bank after breaking out of loop
  14. Agreed. I would not use any account at green dragons/chins/yews etc unless you want it gone.
  15. Proxies didn't work on Macs for months and that took awhile to be noticed and patched. I did not notice this, but I am certainly glad to hear it has been adjusted.