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  1. im looking to buy votes for a runescape private serverlooking to buy 1-2k votes dailyand 300-700 accounts to be madeskype : paulkh95discord: UseYourDurex#1370
  2. vouch for this legit guy A++ he was super fast went first to him for 7m service and he was super fastttt i really recommend on him
  3. @erickho123 u should add ali's morrison npc at alkharid since i cant find this npc when i stand there and it has his own runes shop which is good
  4. ive got that script but it doesnt support that npc buyer ive tested already
  5. Request: stand and buy items from shop and hop worldDescription: this is private soo it will be discussed at skypePayment Amount: u tell me price($$ or 07 gp)Time: as fast as possibleAdditional: for contact add my skype: paulkh95
  6. where can i see wat emails are done?? like the email that it has been made
  7. premor1995

    Ban Rate atm?

    wat do u mean diffrently?
  8. premor1995

    Ban Rate atm?

    im back today aswell should i start botting again or doesnt worth it anymore?
  9. premor1995

    Buying 30m 07!

    i can sell u like 5m gimme ur skype
  10. once i said i wanna use mm with my names he stopped answering watch out
  11. no aw just wanna hear offers
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