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  1. tbh i dont think assume was ever working on the script its ridiculous ,why lie to us?
  2. So what is happening you have been "working" on this script for ages now.
  3. will def try to bot again when u patch this. edit: nvm noticed its already patched
  4. well tried this bot on 2 accounts, 1 member and 1 free to play, banned over night both times.
  5. does f2p karamja fishing lobsters not work? it keeps getting stuck on the boat?
  6. wow you bought good scripts and made money, wow nice work. But people here spent money on a hunting bot and it hasn't been available for months, so they are not getting there moneys worth at all.
  7. do you think you could implement a method for deadman, where it could potentially trade over all the fish to a mule account inside the bank every so often? Current rate is like 1M deadman is 33M osrs, so would be effective atm.
  8. rswiz

    SwagSplasher - An AFK splashing script

    does this work? i guess it just has to click the screen every 15minutes too stay logged in.
  9. hows this bot run, havent used it months? It decent money?
  10. damn are they coming down on the chin bots or something, cant even bot at all.
  11. yeah bans are pretty random it seems, some accounts i bot get banned before even red chins, while others will even get 99 sometimes.
  12. how come i cant run this script? other scripts seem to work. when i start script it just says downloading script but it never loads?
  13. Oh okay, is it possible for when its hunting red chins to make it not pickup bird traps?
  14. so it still picks up other peoples dropped traps? So you could potentially lure away dax bots by just dropping/falled traps?