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  1. It must add loads of 2,3,4 & 5 letter words to friends list and read chat box for responses if nothing appears removes the last added name if "unable to add name - unknown player." appears then it types the last search into friends chat it will need to assign variables to the letters then use them to count through names I can help with the logistical coding just need someone who is decent with API to implement it willing to pay if anyone fancies it add my skype to discuss live:chuckle00 willing to pay if anyone fancies it
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  4. Chuckles hand trained NMZ services. Offering my NMZ power leveling services 10gp per xp below level 80 8gp per xp above level 80 Can train Attack, Str, Def, Range and Mage, 60 hours per week play time. NMZ quests must be complete 20+ maxed already and 1k+ fb on pb, very safe and very fast can also do Zerkers! skype: [email protected] TOS
  5. updatted to day 74
  6. i replied on powerbot have a look there
  7. ill do it if you want, message me on pb, 900+ feedbacks there and new here
  8. first 99 in the farm all other accs now 90 90 90+ in all cb stats some closing in on maxed hopefully all will be maxed in next 2 weeks
  9. you get about 18k xp per stat adverage from 70-90 and its about 5.3m xp so takes about 294 hours in nmz i do about 60 hours per week so about 5 weeks, 35 days and yeah ill start doing a drop log soon. =]