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  1. cant run my premium script

    I keep closed all type of runescape open on my computer ect and its still saying i have another instance open which i dont
  2. Common TRiBot Loader Problems

    keep getting this error
  3. it likes exits the dream for no reason and logs out then back in and pays again
  4. sometimes the bot will refuse to overload and pray pot causing the bot to just die, other times it works fine idk whats wrong
  5. My bot has been clicking a space in the burg bank for 10minutes now over and over again, this bot has so many bugs i wouldn't recommend anyone looking to buy a script to waste 15$ on this one which is far from leaving without babysitting it.
  6. mine starts up and no guy pops up -.- what am i doing wrong
  7. Moose's Essence Miner - TriBot edition

    View -> Firewall Either remove the i.imgur.com entry or switch to always allow. thanks!
  8. Moose's Essence Miner - TriBot edition

    i clicked always deny on the imgur thing on accident and now all the script does is end how do i fix this?
  9. Moose's Essence Miner - TriBot edition

    thanks sooooo much a decent essence bot!