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  1. would like to use your TOR tribot service, please send me a PM when you get the chance. do you have a skype?

  2. Change the target hosts to have nothing in it (Any) and that will be correct.
  3. The proxy is being used for Tribot.org connections. Tribot has issues when you start the client loader with IP x and use IP y for future tribot.org connections. You need to make a rule in proxifier to state *tribot.org connections need to be direct. Make sure that rule is at the top to show it's #1 priority. Let me know if that fixed your problem.
  4. Is RS3 down as well?
  5. They muted Savaged on stream in the new one. Now he says he's taking RS down for a bit. Oh well.
  6. Same thing happened with me with daxmagex's elite blast furnace script. It's a bug in the repository I think. :/
  7. He's just running a suicide goldfarm. And to people calling him selfish and stuff, some people are selfish and no they don't care. It's not against the rules to be report people on rs either.
  8. I didn't know why you wanted to have a larger avatar until I looked at yours. But seriously it doesn't matter. It wouldn't be a plus or a negative in my book. With that said, I'm voting no as I'd rather have TRiLeZ working on something more important than making my googly eyed avatar larger.
  9. I made a batch file with this: cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_45\bin\ start jconsole.exe -pluginpath "C:\Users\x\Downloads\topthreads-1.1.jar" Once I ran that it worked just fine.
  10. Try a different script. It's probably a script error that you can try reporting to the script writer.
  11. It seems as though TRiBot tunnels runescape.com connections made by a process specified by LG to be tunneled through a proxy you have set up in the proxy window in the startup box. Once you have the process open, the tab in chrome, you can then have TRiBot tunnel it through your proxy. With that being said, yes you can have multiple tabs opened in chrome with a different proxy for each tab granted that you also have another LG tab in your TRiBot client to attach to it.
  12. I think it would be more helpful for those who are already inclined to script. Encouraging new scripters would require more rewards for being one I would imagine.
  13. Only RuneScape Connections Go Through the Proxy You won't have to worry about the TRiBot server blocking connections from certain proxies. You also won't have to worry about scripts no showing up in the script selector after a while, script instances dying, or any of the common issues brought along by proxies. This is because connections to the TRiBot server no longer go through the proxy.THANK YOU!
  14. I right click the executable file of a browser, like chrome.exe, then choose to run it through proxifier with a specific socks5 proxy I've configured it to use. chrome.exe (1968) - manual proxification, action: Proxy SOCKS5 I've found that Firefox doesn't work with it for some reason, but I could probably find a way to make it work. I just haven't tried since chrome does.
  15. You will need to route it through TRiBot a different way. The loader is having issues processing it through cloudflare, which is forbidding the socks5 proxy from having access to TRiBot. Have you tried chaining the proxy? Have you tried using it as a VPN via certain protocols such as http and https? Have you directed all tribot.org inquiries to be directed through your actual network and not your socks5 proxy? Most of those methods should solve your problem. You can contact me if you need assistance.