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  1. would like to use your TOR tribot service, please send me a PM when you get the chance. do you have a skype?

  2. idc

    Bot wont start with proxy's.

    Change the target hosts to have nothing in it (Any) and that will be correct.
  3. idc

    Bot wont start with proxy's.

    The proxy is being used for Tribot.org connections. Tribot has issues when you start the client loader with IP x and use IP y for future tribot.org connections. You need to make a rule in proxifier to state *tribot.org connections need to be direct. Make sure that rule is at the top to show it's #1 priority. Let me know if that fixed your problem.
  4. idc

    cant use my script says i no longer own it.

    Same thing happened with me with daxmagex's elite blast furnace script. It's a bug in the repository I think. :/
  5. idc

    Analyzing CPU Usage

    I made a batch file with this: cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_45\bin\ start jconsole.exe -pluginpath "C:\Users\x\Downloads\topthreads-1.1.jar" Once I ran that it worked just fine.
  6. Try a different script. It's probably a script error that you can try reporting to the script writer.
  7. idc

    New Proxy System

    It seems as though TRiBot tunnels runescape.com connections made by a process specified by LG to be tunneled through a proxy you have set up in the proxy window in the startup box. Once you have the process open, the tab in chrome, you can then have TRiBot tunnel it through your proxy. With that being said, yes you can have multiple tabs opened in chrome with a different proxy for each tab granted that you also have another LG tab in your TRiBot client to attach to it.
  8. idc

    New Proxy System

    Only RuneScape Connections Go Through the Proxy You won't have to worry about the TRiBot server blocking connections from certain proxies. You also won't have to worry about scripts no showing up in the script selector after a while, script instances dying, or any of the common issues brought along by proxies. This is because connections to the TRiBot server no longer go through the proxy.THANK YOU!
  9. idc

    Personal Socks5 forbidden

    You will need to route it through TRiBot a different way. The loader is having issues processing it through cloudflare, which is forbidding the socks5 proxy from having access to TRiBot. Have you tried chaining the proxy? Have you tried using it as a VPN via certain protocols such as http and https? Have you directed all tribot.org inquiries to be directed through your actual network and not your socks5 proxy? Most of those methods should solve your problem. You can contact me if you need assistance.
  10. Or you can give those fries to me. I'm poor and hungry.
  11. idc

    Jagex Needs Us Botters

    Yes but bots also hinder Jagex and legit players whether you'd like to admit it or not.
  12. idc

    Jagex Needs Us Botters

    I agree botters give Jagex money. I agree legit players give Jagex money. I do not agree that Jagex relies on botters. No game company relies on cheaters for their profits. Yes botters give money to Jagex, however, botters also hurt Jagex's reputation, economy, and other factors that legit players require to have a good time. If no bots existed and only legit players, there would still be stable income for Jagex. There would still be updates. There would still be the game. Looking at this in a vise-verse perspective; there would be no goldfarmers if there are no legit players. Goldfarmers require legit players (to buy their gold, to sell items to, for a lot of obvious reasons). Jagex requires legit players to have recurring memberships every month creating a stable income. Legit players and Jagex hate bots. If Jagex relied on bots, it would condone bots. Jagex would let their game run ramped with bots to no end. Legit players would become the past and be completely unheard of. The reason that has not happened, is because Jagex does not rely on bots, Jagex relies on legit players. In conclusion, Jagex profits from bots, but does not rely on bots. It's only a bonus.
  13. idc

    Jagex Needs Us Botters

    If this were 100% or 0% true, I don't think the majority of us botters would even care. It's not a 'game changer'. I also doubt he has any evidence as he does not work for Jagex. Hakuna Matata.
  14. idc

    TRiBot Release 9.216_0

    Yeah the webwalking in one of my scripts looked like butter. Amazing.