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  1. thank you sir!
  2. i have bought this script a while ago.... got banned with this script because it was not fully working... even now it is closed is there a way i can get a refund or atleast something back of it?
  3. if it happends again i will make a screenie for you!
  4. i dont know what it is but sometimes when im coming home from work/school, i just find the bot staring at the bank and doing nothing. you might know what it is? i got everything at the bottum of the bank
  5. thanks for the fast reply just came home from work and it was stuck on bank, it couldnt reach for the mithril armour somehow
  6. heey is there any change you can make it walk back or teleport back when ever it gets teled away from warriorsguid by a random? even sometimes it just stand on the outside of the wall from warriorguild. or is this a client thingy? Even though great script
  7. same problem... phew im not the only one. hope its going to be updated soon great script
  8. welcome!
  9. how you want to wear barrow gloves with 1 prayer? since you need to do quests that gain you prayer exp
  10. welcome dude! have fun botting
  11. here is 1 proggy of 8 hours.... lost a great proggy of 18 hours... fuck me :/
  12. this happends always to me when i start the script when im not logged in. but whenever i start it im logged in it counts just from the 0
  13. want me to post proggys here or send to you on skype?