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  1. sorry for alte reaction, was't home. i tried it, but did not work
  2. here it is: http://gyazo.com/081b2cb84b688d7f9b444406e0f7efb9 i had my firewall off and antivirus, i have java 8.25. Also you can see it does not show the updates.
  3. I had it disabled together with my anti virus, but it still wont work its weird
  4. nope, and the strange thing is that tribot always worked on my computer. and i have nothing changed or something
  5. did not work thanks for the help!
  6. i have the newest java
  7. hi there, I have this problem already for a long time, but now i want to bot again. when i click 'log-in' on the tribot login, i get the error; connection error:exception thrown. I have already tried to turn of my firewall and antivirus, but both did not work. Someone who can help me? Thanks.
  8. thank you sir!
  9. i have bought this script a while ago.... got banned with this script because it was not fully working... even now it is closed is there a way i can get a refund or atleast something back of it?
  10. most of the times the first ban is a 2-day ban, if it isnt a goldfarm ban
  11. haha nice idea of marketing!!! im interested
  12. it just happends... if you bot you just know you will get banned...
  13. if it happends again i will make a screenie for you!
  14. i dont know what it is but sometimes when im coming home from work/school, i just find the bot staring at the bank and doing nothing. you might know what it is? i got everything at the bottum of the bank