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  1. Super fast questing!
    Super easy to communicate with!
    tyvm 10/10

  2. Alrite seeing more and more of you getting hacked i thought it made this lil guide - How NOT to get hacked. - Do NOT accept any files you are not sure off what it is specially .exe files. - Do not log into fake site's always check the URL - Have a different password for everything - Make sure this password doesn't contain: Birthday, Family names, pet names (best password are: 5b4m2b5q34 < as example) - Change your password ever 2 months ish (this will prevent old database leaks to give out your password) - Help ive been hacked!! Most commen hackes are from site's (phish links) This is the best hack you can have if u were to be hacked since they dont have access to your pc usually. And then there is the RAT (Remove Access Trojan) With a RAT they can take over your PC as well see any thing you do / type (as well as putting on your cam!) So always hide your cam lens when not in use. And then there's the key logger similar to the RAT but here they can only see what you typed. - How to get rid of a RAT/Keylogger or see if your infected. What you wanna do first is open AppData First you wanna make AppData visible this is how: Open; Folder and search options. Show hidden maps. Now you wanna go to AppData Here you wanna open these 3 maps and delete any file that you dont know usually there on the bottom and there not maps! - MAKE SURE TO GOOGLE THE FILES BEFORE DELETING!!! Cause some are used for programs/windows and if u delete those ur pc ur ded. After you've done doing this you wanna press the windows key + r (yes letter r) This window should pop up. Type here: msconfig Now another window will pop-up, Go to the services tab. Click on Manufacturer, Now all unknows will be organised if not press it again. Now you have to disable all Unknows (that you dont know the Service name off) Once again Google the name before disabling since this can damage your PC if done wrong. After this your PC is RAT/Keylogger free! Now Read the How NOT to get hacked section again and never do it again If something isn't clear enough post below and im happy to help out!
  3. MNO

    Frost Dragon Killer!!

  4. MNO

    Fairly certain my tribot account was hacked

    why buy vip trial.. lol may aswell buy month then
  5. MNO

    Collection of issues with the new forums

    Adding feedback isn't on profile very confusing for costumers. No feedback under avatar in posts. When liking a post you cant see who liked it anymore No bump button @Usa @TRiLeZ
  6. what does this mean? if its that they bought all for 4h limit that not possible deffo didnt reach it.
  7. basicly it starts off well using 8 ge slots but after like a hour it just uses 1 ?
  8. Bot doesnt work to flip more then 1 item a time anyone else have this to?
  9. common used scripts have high ban simple :/ sucks but its true
  10. MNO

    Lost all my premium scripts

    Same il wait a bit... got a massive list of perm script i own e.e
  11. MNO

    Account hacked

    Link a mod to it with @(mod name) command in post
  12. Dont bot nmz today guys jagex is lookin at it alot recieved alot bans No i dont blame this script its awesome. its just jagex doin bans there atm so id say wait 1-2 days b4 botting it again
  13. MNO

    Making free scripts [Will be released to public]

    Karambwan buyer this is amazing profit atm needs a crash xD
  14. MNO

    my accounts arnt even lasting 15 hours

    NOOB ALL MY 22 BOTS SURVIVED!!! - also ur ip is problably flagged use proxies (paid private ones) - use private / good scripts - bot a max of 16h a day and take breaks at least once every 3h.