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  1. Tryed everything, deleted hooks didnt work, deleted tribot folder didnt work. When i start the script it says that gear grabbed. and just takes supplys but gear is not on me.
  2. after death it doesnt take gear even if the gear is set in the script.
  3. The script thinks too long, other player attack revs before me thats why i dont get a lot of kills. Script tryes to hop to ddm worlds. Sometimes while hopping it gets stuck aswell doesnt click on the world and script just doesnt do anything. Pretty much there is a lot of fixes needed in this script. edit: hops to pvp world at edgivile bank tele. Takes 2 dozes pp from the bank not two potions cant run even for 20minutes withouth script get bugged. script stops after death even if i did not tick the option to stop script after death dont know how to fix this
  4. is it possible for you to add only range mode? so it would kill everything with range. I think that would be the best money.
  5. balvons

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Im using regular client
  6. balvons

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    I am constantly getting an error that account is out of barrows teleports even if there are 300+ in inventor and 100+ in bank. The script stopped two times in a row now because of this.
  7. i wanted to let you know that every other scriot hopping works, except your script hopping doesnt work. Plz update cuz i cant catch black chins. fow week now
  8. balvons

    Login bot getting stuck

    Tribot firewall problem. Please fix this.
  9. whats with the hopping? it gets stuck cuz i sometimes i get firewall allow/denie and bot times out
  10. After update scrips fails to use pestle and mortar, also there is some issues with looting bag. It fails to deposit items to it sometimes. Maybe its tribots fault
  11. Script often cant find air runes in bank while using fire bolt. Dont know if this also happens with other spells