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  1. balvons

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Im using regular client
  2. balvons

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    I am constantly getting an error that account is out of barrows teleports even if there are 300+ in inventor and 100+ in bank. The script stopped two times in a row now because of this.
  3. i wanted to let you know that every other scriot hopping works, except your script hopping doesnt work. Plz update cuz i cant catch black chins. fow week now
  4. balvons

    Login bot getting stuck

    Tribot firewall problem. Please fix this.
  5. whats with the hopping? it gets stuck cuz i sometimes i get firewall allow/denie and bot times out
  6. After update scrips fails to use pestle and mortar, also there is some issues with looting bag. It fails to deposit items to it sometimes. Maybe its tribots fault
  7. Script often cant find air runes in bank while using fire bolt. Dont know if this also happens with other spells
  8. balvons

    Make money / stats

    It all depends on how much cash you want to make. If you are okay with 100$ profit/moth then it would be pretty easy to find something if you had atleast some knowledge about the game, in your case, just search in google or youtube for some money making guides in 07 rs and then try to find script for them, read forum threads about on what kind of accounts to bot (not fresh ones). I am not into hard botting at the moment because its really hard to find a good way to make atleast few thousands $/moth, and you still need to put alot off effort if you somehow manage to reach those high profits. Personally i have a lot of experience in game, i have been playing 07 rs since start and had played a lot of rs before it even came and I still struggle. All in all I can say that nobody will tell you their strategy on how to bot, you will just have to find everything yourself, but it will cost you money and a lot of time.
  9. And corp cave is now changed so bot cant leave it.
  10. Now when jagex added new worlds bot cant hop properly. Dont really know if you can fix this or we just have to wait client update
  11. Hopping bug happens when bot tries to hop to a full world, its always 329 w. He fails to choose another