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  1. Yes the gui opens. I input the required settings, and when i press the button to accept, the gui remains open and the script does not run.
  2. Still having the same issue cant get it to accept the GUI. It seems to work for other scripts, so bot settings dont seem to be the issue. Any other suggestions?
  3. Script is stuck at fill gui. When I press get the void button nothing happens. Only been happening last couple days. It has been working fine till then. I dont know what happened.
  4. The bot works great for me in defend option, attack option is also good, a bit buggy at times, but repair option needs alot of work. If you could get it to cut 10 logs at start of game then start the repair job it would probably be more efficent. At the moment it runs to 1 tree at edge of map cuts it then runs around reapirs 1 item then just stands there. If you could get the repair option to work this would be an absolutely awesome bot.
  5. Hey its still just pulling iron ore, its not giving me the option of what bar i want to make.
  6. hey, Im having an issue where my player is 51 cmb in game, when i choose to defend the void knight, it attacks the shifters that are lower combat then me, but doesnt attack the ones of higher cmb lvl, doesnt do the right click. this is costing me pc points, due to lack of damage. Is it possible to fix this? thanks
  7. Hey, Just wandering how long its going to be before i will be able to access the script? Thanks
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