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  1. Seems pretty decent and not the worst prices. Sound fast and Chicago area which might help. Some bad reviews but mostly about everything getting deleted off the server..nothing to worry about when bottling. Might give that a shot. Thanks
  2. I'm trying to get back into the botting game but having some issues. VPS': I've tried a few different companies. I'm either getting problems with the connection being too incredibly slow (I have great computers/internet) or else it's java/the vps itself crashing too often. Maybe it's the distance? I'm located in Calgary and have been using VPS' around the Cali/Texas/Florida region and it's just..too slow. I know there's going to be some lag but it shouldn't be this much. I've looked for VPS' around the Calgary area and the ones I'm finding are around $30-40 a month which I was surprised to see. Proxies: This is what I'm new to but open to trying it. I'm more a noob when it comes to this. With TRiBot you have the option to use the client to go through a proxy. My question is if I added a proxy to the list (TRiBot client) and attempt to use TRiBot through the Looking Glass will both go through the proxy or will I have to set the Runescape client to going through a proxy as well (not sure how to do this to a separate program instead of the entire computer). Any insight would be appreciated. Just not sure what I should do at this point. I could pan out the money for a VPS close to me and hope that it works better than what I've been dealing with or try something else. I've used VPS' before to bot in the past when I was into it hardcore and don't remember having so many issues just trying to run the friggin client. Cheers.
  3. Wicked, thanks to both of you. Appreciate the info. Was a bit discouraged at first looking around but now after doing some more in-depth research seems like this could be feasible.
  4. Well hey, I'm back. I originally started botting in regular RS3 but realllly started botting when oldschool runescape came out. I made close to $7k while going part time while having a full time job and eventually decided to travel. I went to Europe travelling all around and working in hostels in different countries for the past couple years ( www.travellingbacon.com ..in progress ).. but this isn't of consequence. I'm currently back in my home country. I'm studying (from home) IT programming/coding as this is what I want to get into in the future. I have a shitload of time on my hands and tbh would love to get back into making money doing online gaming. Now, what should I do..I could try and continue getting back into botting RS or I could take a stab at a different game. What I'm asking right now, is what you suggest is best. Obviously the gp-$ has gone down. I'm not somebody who wants to dick around, so I'll get straight to the point. I want to make money and I want to play games online. I'm willing to play the game fair as I've always been into RS since the early days, and I'm also into botting my ass off. From the brief research I've done, I can make a minimum of roughly .10/hour per account (only looked into OSR so far). I have a couple of hightech gaming computers with multiple monitors so this isn't an issue, but obviously I'm looking for the best possible scenario right? If I get nothing from you, I could start by going straight into chopping yews or such. I'm more than willing to try to get hired for training skills for accounts (botting or hand-training doesn't bother me), by delving further in and re-finding that great money making opportunity and doing what I can with it, or I'm also more than willing to try and find a different game where I can bot or real life it to make some cash. It's not just RS that I'm into, I'd be willing to test my hand at other games where I can make some dough. I've read some articles about other games where you can make your moneys worth; such as WOW, DOTA2, Second Life, Entropia Universe, etc, but I'm trying to see what you suggest. Ok, I don't care for posts (although I'm sure you guys will do it anyway) like Find you're own way / Do it on your own. Add me! You can help me out! (And then scamming me or trying to sponge). You are the type of person that's ruining the game. Farmers aren't just going to give you their methods (I knowwwwww this; it's not what I want). I know what I'm saying/doing and not ashamed of it. Just looking for suggestions if you are willing to take a sec to help somebody out and get re-started to the money-making-gaming world. If you aren't, great, thanks for taking a look at this, but I am willing to go the extra mile to make myself known and willing to put my all into this. Thanks for your time, that's all :]] Skype: bongoman420
  5. If I personally am ever banned, I never bot on that IP again. Make a fresh account and bot smartly. Don't be botting right away and don't bot ridiculous hours. KISS and don't do anything ridiculous.
  6. Added you on skype.
  7. Bump. I'm more than willing to just purchase a VIP voucher but I don't want to do it if it's not going to give me VIP status again.
  8. If I were to purchase a VIP voucher would this solve my problem instead of waiting for whenever this issue possibly gets fixed, or would I still not be VIP even if I did redeem another voucher?
  9. I lost my VIP status. I can use the clients that I already have open but I cannot open anymore because I get the following error message: "You must be VIP to use the old-school client." Would appreciate if somebody could look after this when they find the time. Cheers
  10. Thank you very much for letting me know. I completely forgot to update it with the forum change. Links are all working now.
  11. It is an idea. There are so many people scamming/getting scammed. They are coming out with a feedback system supposedly but this could also be handy. ^ I think that might be a better idea than your idea of giving a certain amount of insurance money..although I can't say that it's a bad idea either.
  12. I can only imagine lol. Definitely something that I would be interested in for sure. It always looks good to do quests every once in awhile to help prevented getting spotted by Jagex, so would be well worth the money in my opinion. I HATE doing quests and refuse to do them, and I don't want to pay to have random quests done every once in awhile so just having a script to do it for me would be ideal. Would LOVE to see a Waterfall quest script perhaps
  13. Possibly. Also possibly not. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/8856-do-not-sell-accounts-here/
  14. It completes this random, but continues to click on Miles every few seconds. Just simply need to tell it to click the last chat after completing the random in order for him to disappear and the character to continue botting.
  15. Plan on running a bunch of characters through Tut Island later tonight. Feel free to pm me should you wish for me to test this out.