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  1. hello, path to banking in great kourend is brocken it dont walks to bank after i have a full invent of yews. problem at the lands end bank and the hosidious bank is there a possibility to fix this? Thanks
  2. hi, there is still the problem with looking glass i think where the traps (red chins) wont be picked up. the bot tries to one time i think (not always) and if it dont get picked up the bot dont bother and is setting up a new trap leaving the fallen trap behind. sometimes i can only bot for 1 hour till all my 27 traps are gone thats pretty enoing. i hope this will be fixed in the future. or maybe there is a chance if all the traps ar gone to teleport to castle wars bank (either with minigame tele or ring of duelling) then bank chins and get 27 more traps and then back to the spot. is this possible? thanks for info.
  3. its still not working :/ i bought it on thursday and i still cant bot :(
  4. swashbuckle

    cant log in because of recaptcha

    are u guys serious i cant log in because of recaptcha but i cant prove tht im no robot cause it wont load the full side just a bit ...-.- help anyone?
  5. swashbuckle

    bought vip status twice but dont get it... why?

    well fuck xD
  6. topic says is all i bought vip but i dont get vip some mod or something help. i mean i can do the mirror thingy on the botclient thats dumb it always says purchase vip i wanna do the mirror mode....-.-
  7. swashbuckle

    |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    hi is the script updated atm cause it wont let me change my noted mahogany planks when i called the buttler it just stands still and doesnt work.
  8. swashbuckle

    Pyramid Agility Course Bot

    edited it. and made a short description hope that helps
  9. swashbuckle

    Pyramid Agility Course Bot

    Hi im lookin for a pyramid agiity course script that picks up the golden thing on top and exchange it for profit and if out of waterbags can teleport with duel ring to al kahid buy more water pouches and head back to the course with the traveler. and when out of duel ring get anoher one from the bank in al kahid i dont need food and i dont fail. it just needs to walk through the pyramid store the gold thing exchange it ack to the course again and when empty with the pouches teleport and then go back to the pyramid. starting point would be pic one and so on ;-) (click on pic for all pics ;-) is that possible and how much would it cost me? that
  10. swashbuckle

    TRiBot Release 9.305_9

    does LG always take a bit longer than stealth mode?
  11. swashbuckle

    privat scripter needed!!

    Hi i just need a good privat scripter for a minigame would be nice if someone ouls message me ty ^^