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  1. How do you hook or download to the os buddy jar? Also, is this the right JDK download for window client ? "jdk-8u251-windows-x64.ex" My PC's a windows 64 before anyone asks.
  2. Hi there, I haven't yet been able to get it to work, it will always end abruptly, Im at zeah shoreline and have a simple inventory of 3 super pots and 25 monkfish. Ive deleted jagex cache, deleted and reinstalled tribot and Im still getting the same problem. Heres an example of my log: [19:10:26] [Info] Runtime: 00:00:35 [19:10:26] [NCrab Killer] 2007botter, thank you for using nCrab Killer. Please leave all comments, reviews, and bug reports on the forums thread. Thanks - Naton [19:10:26] Script Ended: nCrab Killer.
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