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  1. It's still doing it. Do I need to update somehow? The first time I noticed it after this post was within around 8:30 runtime. Edit: It's actually doing it a lot more often now. Probably every run from the bank back. It's so obvious right now that I'm botting lol.
  2. It doesn't loot big bones because the moment it starts getting attacked, it forgets about it until the fight is over eventually making the bones despawn because another one attacks and the chain continues. Other than that it's about the only issue I have so far. The looting system needs to loot if there are nearby items even if it has to run from starting a fight. Edit: I also woke up dead somehow. Edit: I guess it needs a dedicated time after each fight to loot whatever it can because I'm missing TONS of bones. Edit: Seems like I have to be 57 (level to be for them to be non aggro I think) to have efficient looting
  3. I don't have this script... YET, but from what you posted I think this is what he means. Ctrl + F and find these values ToragselectedStance=0tunnelStance=0AhrimselectedStance=0VeracselectedStance=0KarilselectedStance=0DharokselectedStance=0GuthanselectedStance=0 I don't know how you find what the value is for which stance, but he said 2 is for defense at least.
  4. Suggestions/Bug/Flaws/Etc: -- Barbarian Village Trout/Salmon: - It will sometimes try to click on a fishing spot #1, but then it'll see fishing spot #2 and click on that while the character is still moving. So sometimes it just walks back and forth until it can reach a fishing spot. (#1 and #2 was just there to make it easier to understand. No specific spot is #1 or #2) That's all I see at the moment. Seems good so far. Tested Draynor shrimp/Anchovies and that worked well.
  5. Am I allowed to use 2 accounts on 2 different computers with 2 different IPs on 1 auth at the same time?
  6. Suggestions/Flaws/Bugs/Etc - Clicks on bones too fast so all the bones don't get buried. Maybe 1/2 or 1/3 bones get buried every time. Eventually they all get buried though. - Needs to drop more often (bones should not be dropped even though they currently are when the full inventory drop cycle is in place) - Sometimes clicks on chicken already being attacked, then waits there for like a second or 2. Can't think of anymore off the top of my head, but other than that, it's an amazing script!
  7. Hmm I'll see if I can find any monsters. Currently too weak atm. Only 22/20/20 melee. Completely broke lol. Thanks. #SouthParkWoWStatus What about every 3hr +/- 15minutes for 1hr +/- 15 minutes Also if anyone was curious for any reason, I'm not trying to have a gold farm. Just want a main that can do barrows asap (:
  8. Isn't Flax high ban rate?
  9. Hehehe. I didn't plan for it in RS3, but I found out I had the stats for it so I fell in love with Barrows for money making ever since. Any script recommendations with low ban rate?
  10. If anyone has the time or want to help me a little that would be great. I'm currently wanting a guide/pieces of advice using bots that will help me get to 70/70/70 melee, 75 magic, 60 prayer, and possibly ~70 range (not needed). Also if anyone could give me a low ban rate to get small amounts of money to fund my training that would be great Thanks in advance if you do reply back with some helpful tips! (:
  11. Does this have ABCL 10? How many reported bans are there?