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  1. I looked through the API, and I couldn't find an item-dragging script anywhere. I'd like to drag an item in the inventory to a certain slot. Am I missing something, or is there no API that does this?
  2. Why's that? If they said they're doing it to prevent botters, why wouldn't they, it'd be very effective in getting a huge number of botters in one fell swoop, don't you think? Besides, they already track things such as mouse movements, clicking, keystrokes, and other intrusive things. What's to stop them from this?
  3. >Abysmal web walking count toward those Can you expand on this? What's wrong with web walking, and what's a better alternative? This is my first ban since ~2 years ago and I'd like to do everything I can to prevent my next one. I don't want to be perm'd
  4. I mean, what if the java code for the client traverses the directory? We all know that there's a .tribot folder located somewhere on the computer, and it's not randomized anywhere. What's keeping Jagex from simply looking for it? If they detect a .tribot folder where it's expected, couldn't they use that as evidence you're using it? Just my two cents. Trilez, what do you think of this?
  5. What's the point of asking me that? I didn't mistype.
  6. Really? My script must be pretty good, then. I got 44-93 RC via abyss with my script.
  7. I have a few questions: If they think I was botting, why'd they give me a temp ban and not a perm one? If the client is not detectable, then why did I get banned the very moment I attached LG to the browser client? An extention to the previous one, how did they deduce I was botting? I doubt it was a manual ban. I always had Human Mouse Data loaded. This, paired with my botting time matching my actual presence on the computer makes me think it's not some gametime/cicking pattern. Does this mean my IP is flagged? If I were to stop botting today, but played for real 10 hours/day nonestop legitimately, is there a chance I'll be wrongly banned just because they thought I previously botted? Thanks in advance.
  8. Last location before getting banned?: Edgeville Skill botted?: RC Breaks or no? Yes, and babysat the entire time If so how long?: Depends on the time of day. It ran only when I was present, always (including bathroom brakes, etc) How long did you bot per day?: Accumulatively, about 5 hours/day Banned before?: Not on this acc or IP Type of ban?: temp VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) No, was on a clean home IP Scripts Used? Custom-made (personally I think it's better than USA's RC script as it lasted w/out bans much longer) Other Bots Used?: None How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: 07/21/2016 I was using Looking glass, made sure the to use the latest JDK version (atm it's J8U101 I'm not sure what's happened. I think the client was detected, because I logged in normally first and did a bunch a things, then upened up the client ant the second I did that, my account instantly became disabled. I think they rolled out another update that detects the client. They do it every thursday, right?
  9. Thanks laniax. For future reference, where do you get the link to that zip file? What was your reference to get that?
  10. I'm trying to include javadocs so that class names and methods are properly annotated. Unfortunately, it doesn't resolve when I try to validate the location: https://tribot.org/doc/ Eclipse says that at least one of the files 'package-list' and 'index.html' are not present. I've tried validating it against some other javadoc site, say https://developer.android.com/reference/ and it works just fine. Am I doing something wrong, or does somebody know a fix to this?
  11. How did you know about the gamesetting?
  12. Is there a way to get the current run energy using the Tribot API? Also special attack energy? I couldn't seem to find them.
  13. Can this please be made a little more explicit in the tutorials or in Tribot bot debug?
  14. I'm trying to get a script to work in Oldschool. I've read the tutorials and did some research before asking this question. My package is labeled 'scripts' as it should be, and the ScriptManifest is also properly formatted. For some reason though, the script loads only in RS3. The script manager doesn't register my script for oldschool. The script is just a simple "hello world!" program. What going on? Is it because I need VIP to develop OSRS scripts? And if so, why is RS3 script development free but OSRS not?
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