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  1. i have tried every banking system, the only one that works is for ghost ahoy but when it gets to canifis it just opens up the bank and sits there, thehouse one goes to my house, uses the altar and stop, wont run to the portal room.
  2. No Offence but this is the worst bot ive ever bought, waste of money, i have high combat and all quest done, maxed combat actually, and i get 3 chest oer hour, 120k/p her and none of the banking systems works, it just sit in the bank, and the quest burg de top or whatever where i rebuilt the bank this bot cant even open the fence or open the bank.
  3. Same problem, error thing pops up and just keeps ending bot, i have fire giant task and all gear they dont require anything, but i have all gear.
  4. its still alive, id try out pvp worlds. they seem alot more active with 100s+
  5. Take H22A4 advice and do not make a farm bot.. mod jacmob found a new way of banning bot's.. hence why so many items are going up in price.. Prayer pot's and so on. Pra
  6. hunter
  7. yeah I do. where could i get a usb version of windows 7 :/
  8. Find me a proberly working copy and Il love you forever.
  9. Lost my Refomatting CD since im moving in a few weeks.. packed all up.. everythings pretty much put away beside my 2 screens and computer.
  10. I used Mrt from Our own computer's pretty sure we all have it. Used Malwarebytes. Used AVG Used avast. Also it was the two hunting scripts. African and aHunter. The ip's off memory i dont remember they did start with a that's a fact. My wifi at home is always secure. I changed my runescape password off my iphone. and changed Email password.. Im still kinda sketcy about entering my bank. i have quite alot to lose you could say.
  11. most of you might of seen my old post I made about the IP's Client Accepting, and then a day later I randomly get my account logged into by some random guy. And Im Looking for some help and or informations on these usernames/or people the next day after I accepted the IP's the Tribot client was requested this happen. (Today) I always keep my Friends chat offline or friends only. but i decided why dont i turn it on and see if any random people message me (might be the hacker right?) This is what I get. Some guy under the name "iBurnKenyans" Pmed me Asking me to buy unids clearly wanting me to access my bank because I might of been ratted/or javadriveby I look up his account on the highscores and strike at him with something really stupid, but return he gives me some important information I was able to record. Then.. I keep getting random accounts asking me/trying to lead me to put in my bank info.. I have virus scanned my computer 4 times, with 4 different anti viruses.. checked my registry.. nothing out of the usual.. Even disconnected my computer off the internet re did everything all over again.. and still havent found anything weird.. my paypal wasn't touched. My Youtube Channel I have worked over 3 Years on and manage to have 2.5k Subscribers and 668k Total views (might not be alot) but Im proud to say i have worked and owned that. My Skype or non of my other accounts/runescape accounts have been logged into.. just my main runescape account. and the bankpin was tried to be taken off.. could anyone give any suggestions on what to do.. I feel pretty confident my computer is clean but im still scared to access my bank LOL.. I have 1 or 2 people in mind who might be doing this and also have voice recordings of them hacking/ddosin/ratting other people or players.. might be leaked if I find out i was hacked by them. sorry about this whole situation. its just quite annoying and kinda wanted to share it with you guys.. Any idea's on what to do.
  12. Selling 1 League of Legends 10 dollar card for 07rs gold, contact me
  13. Why do you want this account? I would like one of the accounts, because i stake, and the accounts are perfecting staking stat's and i would guarantee me some winning with those stat's, I Also make Video's on youtube and it could help me out. Why do you feel you deserve this account? I feel like i deserve this account, because i have recently been banned off osrs07 for botting my combat stat's I never gold farmed, I was just to lazy to train my combat stats my self. A bit about yourself ( Get to know you briefly). We'll My names Worx on here also known as Exo, Iv been playing runescape for a really long time and when osrs came out that's all iv really played, I just recently got banned and it fucking sucks alot.
  14. I need help please contact me