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  1. i have tried every banking system, the only one that works is for ghost ahoy but when it gets to canifis it just opens up the bank and sits there, thehouse one goes to my house, uses the altar and stop, wont run to the portal room.
  2. No Offence but this is the worst bot ive ever bought, waste of money, i have high combat and all quest done, maxed combat actually, and i get 3 chest oer hour, 120k/p her and none of the banking systems works, it just sit in the bank, and the quest burg de top or whatever where i rebuilt the bank this bot cant even open the fence or open the bank.
  3. Same problem, error thing pops up and just keeps ending bot, i have fire giant task and all gear they dont require anything, but i have all gear.
  4. its still alive, id try out pvp worlds. they seem alot more active with 100s+
  5. Take H22A4 advice and do not make a farm bot.. mod jacmob found a new way of banning bot's.. hence why so many items are going up in price.. Prayer pot's and so on. Pra
  6. what the hell.. you a fed nigga
  7. 1 day
  8. I botted in a world with nobody in it. i babysit all my bots. and iv actually known the kid for quite some time and he's actually never botted lol.
  9. Fair enough. i was just simply testing out if it would be worth botting again, since i use to run a gold farm of 6-10 accounts. and sold the high level ones to replace for new ones comming in. i was just using this one as a guinea pig pig you could say and it was banned in under 8 hours. got quite surprised cause iv never been banned in such a short amount of time.
  10. Hey Guys, Havnt been active lately, and i just started botting again. Im wondering how high is the ban rate atm? cause iv never experienced something like this my self. i got an account from a buddy. who had recently quit and the account has been played on quite some time never been botted in the past before has well over 100 quest points and i decided instead of having it sit around doing nothing il just bot it abit. and i botted it today for about 5-6 hours untill i looked at my tribot screen and the account has been disabled.. iv botted a fair amount of accounts and have gotten 2 level 3's to 99 hunter then have sold them. they where never banned, and you would think that an account thats quite new and only trains 1 stat for about 7-10 hours a day would get banned quite easily. and this account that actually gets played on legitly wouldnt get banned. I dont care for the ban its really whatever to me, atleast its the first ban on the account and il be able to make some money off it (hopefully). how is the ban rate right now? are hunter bots being banned really easily? is it something with the script? (it being to hot). just wanted to see whats up. thanks.
  11. well they should fix that.. cause its kinda hard to farm when even 1 account being botted starts to fuck up. i run 8 accounts daily and im wasting membership paying them. and paying for tribot if its not going to do what it normally does for me.
  12. exactly. it should be running like a beauty and im sitting on 12 gb ram.. 3.8ghz my cpu is at 20 and my ram is at 23. and my 3 accounts are lagging like CRAZY. im also playing runescape legit on another client and watching a movie thats why my cpu is a bit higher then it normally is.
  13. so i managed to fix my white screening and freezing ect. I found out an older version of Java ran the bot better then the newest version. I just have 1 small problem now. when I open up tribot its all working perfect my character moves and walks perfect. but once I run a script it gets all choppy.. I normally run about 8 hunter bots at once. on my 12 gb ram 3.8ghz computer it always has and should ALWAYS run smoothly. could someone please tell me why tribot lags when this script starts running its "African hunter" can someone try and run it on one of their account and tell me if its just the script making the lag, or if its something else. cause this is getting really annoying Im not getting the amount of chins I normally make an hour. (I would post a picture.. but you couldn't mange to see how choppy it gets.) in the past this script/bot has always ran smoothly for me have never had a problem until a few days ago after these weird tribot update's and what not. this choppiness was created.
  14. Im Running Java 1.7.0_45 [16:28:37] java.lang.NullPointerException[16:28:37] at scripts.AfricanHunter.K(AfricanHunter.java:653)[16:28:37] at scripts.AfricanHunter.b(AfricanHunter.java:391)[16:28:37] at scripts.AfricanHunter.run(AfricanHunter.java:276)[16:28:37] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[16:28:37] Script Ended: African Hunter. and that pops up. about every 5 minutes.. it logs my bots out ends the script. and i have to manually do it all over again
  15. Man this is helluva annoying.. Iv been trying to run my gold farm and this tribot client runs my bot for about 5 minutes.. then they all log out. this has NEVER happen before. and it recently started happening when these new tribot updates came out. anyone having the same problem as me, getting white screen accounts randomly log out cause script stops working? whats going on, i pay for a service that should be provided to me and I think i end up struggling more then actually using it.