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  1. How many accounts are you currently running: 10 (Losing alot Due to bans) Which method are you doing(Only if you want to share): N/A How much GP per hour are you making: 100k-130k Per Account How much $$$ are you making a week: Depence If i get ban Or not. $100-500 Are you currently using a VPS and/or Proxies: 10 Proxies
  2. There will alawys Be a Change of Ban. They could detect the bots even before this. They just Dont Ban Us All or else they Lose money with Upgrades
  3. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Ill buy 1 code off you. Just to test them if they work will also Give Vouch.
  5. Try to run the script with your bank open . Then tell me if it works this happened to me before but it fixed when i started the script with it open
  6. Hey guys i need a couple more GP, So i can level up your accounts. Make me some offers, i just need GP lol. PM OR Post Here
  7. Able to do on a fresh level 3 or no? Suggestions: Have Food Added, If Hp is lower than 50% eat. If no food Left Stop script. (incase you get atk by NPC)
  8. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!, BAD THING ITS 8$ jsut for this!! come on
  9. Mine always solves the Maze , dont know whats wronge with urs. Maybe ur pc lags to much. Because when in the maze, Tribot CPU goes up. maybe ur PC cant handle it so it laggs out
  10. Delete yor tribot folder in your %appdata%
  11. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/13041-moderator-verified-reseller-instant-tribot-vip-vouchers-paypalrsgpmbbtcgcs/ http://tribotvip.me/
  13. So im looking for a Java .jar Web Browser . so i can go to whatsmyip.org please someone help me
  14. Wow i was looking for this man, THIS WOULD LOWER BAN RATE> I have 20 bots 1 gets baned. checks all ips. BOOM ALL BANED with proxy 1 gets ban rest are okay ! FUCK DO THIS ILL PAY 10$ a month!