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  1. There will alawys Be a Change of Ban. They could detect the bots even before this. They just Dont Ban Us All or else they Lose money with Upgrades
  2. CrazyRs

    TRiBot Release 9.06_0

    PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. CrazyRs

    TRiBot Release 8.12_0

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!, BAD THING ITS 8$ jsut for this!! come on
  4. CrazyRs

    Proxy Setting Support On Client.

    Wow i was looking for this man, THIS WOULD LOWER BAN RATE> I have 20 bots 1 gets baned. checks all ips. BOOM ALL BANED with proxy 1 gets ban rest are okay ! FUCK DO THIS ILL PAY 10$ a month!
  5. CrazyRs

    TRiBot Bot Control Panel

    And with re-run script option, what to do if script have a GUI to select options? How then this option will work?
  6. CrazyRs

    TRiBot Beta 8.03_0

    Got stuck in mordaut random, it completed it, but wouldn't exit properly (north exit) Got stuck in freaky forester Got stuck in boot camp many times, didn't even attempt the random
  7. CrazyRs

    [Free] Tri anyplace cow killer

    Yup thats what it is lol , he should be banned for this!
  8. Great , Thers a Script Like This Already made on Other Bot Site, Reminded me, and though id be a Great Idea to have it here
  9. Updaloaded a Fake Script, If time is 3 hours. Then go to world 333 go to west bank with draw all items from list, Trade X player and Accept, then log out lol
  10. lol i bot 26 accounts -.- Noob Get into gold farming,.... I make thoes 6$ in an hour -.-