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  1. Hey, I bought ur script and it's running well. I just need help setting up so that it can get overloads and absorptions after each nmz run. I got teamviwer and I am willing to pay rsgp for ur assistance.
  2. klongo123

    Tribot Error

    The problem came up again when I tried to run a script: since you are not VIP, you are only allowed to run ONE scriopt at a time. Please close your other isntances of tribot to use this one. I do not have any other scripts running at this time, pelase help
  3. klongo123

    Tribot Error

    solved thank u
  4. i see thanks, is it really worth it?
  5. I cannot see where I cAN purchase looking glass
  6. It's only 1 account and I was planning on chatting before and after i bot each time, hopefully it works out
  7. I just want to take all the necessary precautions =) thanks for the input =D
  8. this is the advice i need, yeah i will definately take bvreaks. Thank you so much I wont get greedy =D
  9. thank u so much for ur input! =D with a LG & premium scrips - ill be botting roughly 6hours a day
  10. oh shit thats good thank u for ur reply
  11. Using the rockcrab 1HP prayer flicking method, is it safer than the other bots? I'm planning on buying the premium script & using looking glass (even tho idk what Looking glass exactly does... can someone tell me if LG is like a VPN or something?)
  12. i have a valuable account. my IP might be flagged for botting before, so I would like help to set up a proxy. I also need help buying a 10$ NMZ script. Please contact me via skype of thread paying 1m osrsgp skype: drdrg.
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