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  1. connect timed out, and i should have 5 more days on this proxy server
  2. I try to log in with my proxy, but it doesnt seem to work.
  3. i have a valuable account. my IP might be flagged for botting before, so I would like help to set up a proxy. I also need help buying a 10$ NMZ script. Please contact me via skype of thread paying 1m osrsgp skype: drdrg.
  4. im paying* paypal
  5. thank you =D
  6. Hi maple thanks for replying I have a question, do I change my proxy or change my IP? which is better or should i do both before i bot? and i never hosted nmz, do I need additional quests for that or will the premium bot trade someone 20k and let someone else host?
  7. Hi guys, I've got banned in another account with this IP addresss so now Jagex is up my ass ><! I would really like to start a NMZ bot so I seen a good one for 10$ USD. But I do not want to get banned again, if I change my IP will that work? Also is there a difference from the FREE nmz bot and the 10$ NMZ bot?
  8. need someone trusted
  9. skype: ddumten
  10. idk anymore sorry because ur acc was made 2 days ago
  11. since u guys r starting out watch this gta pvp guide:
  12. how do i do this?
  13. So my main account got banned for botting today... unlucky I got a 50% black mark and got banned for 2 days. My question will the black marks eventually go down to 0% and can once again use my bot, and getting caught the 2nd time will result on me getting 50% black marks with another chance? Also I'm going to be buying a script from tribot for 10$.. the alching script, if I bot like 3-5 hours a day how likely is it that I'll get the perma ban?