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  1. we've been asking for this feature for what now, 2 years?
  2. @TacoManStan I disagree, Starfox was the biggest offender, but you both neglected the thread and development, why even take responsibility for scripts that you don't have time for? I mean I wholeheartedly allow you both to make profits from multiple scripts at the same time but I expected more professionality, punctuality and communication.
  3. Remarkable how none of the previous dev's get infracted nor reprimanded for breaking scripter rules, what's the point of these rules if your mod's don't care to enforce them @TRiLeZ @Usa ?
  4. @TRiLeZ does transfering a script take much time or is it a matter of a few simple click? Please post an update, this script has been disfunctional for like a month.
  5. nice release m8, gonna check this out.
  6. @HeyImJamie wasn't making a claim on a refund, just a friendly reminder of his deadline.
  7. @TacoManStan "If the script is not fully functional by September 14th, 2015, I will be offering unconditional refunds to all users who purchased a lifetime plan of the script on or after August 18th, 2015." 1,5 hours left boy.
  8. Yo frank my boy, I want to buy this script, when will you add support for safespot ranging?
  9. @TacoManStan Oh wow lol, 2nd scripter to take over, is MTA so fucking hard to script for or something? Oh and I want remind you of the rules for premium scripters, specifically the rule that if you expect to be going away for longer than a week, you're obliged to notify your paying users, this isn't that much to ask and is just common courtesy, remember that some users have many (20+) bonded accounts/proxies/vpn's that they pay for, a small heads up then really makes a difference. I am not mad with you, just a bit disappointed, I thought you were the scripter that we deserved but turned out you were a false prophet. I hope you resolve your issues and get back to quality scripting, the first few updates you gave this script were decent (eventhough some did create some new bugs).
  10. @methodrs 33+ magic, but I've noticed that having 50+ agility boosts your profits reasonably by let's say, 20-25%
  11. Mine's working but it's like 75 points/hour, used to be 93.
  12. punchbaggies

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    @Tabinhu I meant that when I want to set this script up on multiple vps'es I'll need to give acces to different functions, for example the auto responder. I was asked to give permission to connect to www.pandorabots.com the 1st time it was used, but sometimes It'll not use it for hours, and I can't wait for hours on every client until the acces menu pops up, do you understand the problem now?
  13. @TacoManStan Alch room is completely disfunctional for me, does it still work for you tho? Edit: to clarify, it just tries 1 of the cupboards and if that one is not the right one it will keep taking it until it changes cupboards, then it will drop the first picked up item and I have more than 30 points. Enchantroom (dragonstone mode) keeps hopping in to free worlds in the instance, which causes your char to log out, do you know why this happens @TacoManStan ?