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  1. Thank you! Each auth makes me $250-$400/mo so it's well worth a subscription.
  2. I owned 3 permanent licenses of the runite version and now they're all gone as of today. What happened?
  3. just wear a ring of life, you shouldn't die also change your settings to right click always
  4. For the frogs and dr jekyll it won't close out of the archery target interface and keeps trying to click on the randoms through it. I can try to get a video of it but that might take a while, I'm pretty suicidal on my bots and rarely watch them.
  5. The biggest problem is that it runs outside the range guild to escape combat randoms and then stops the script because it is 'outside the range guild' I know you're aware of the problems with the frog random but I'm not sure there's anything you can do about that.
  6. M1D1 is currently bugged as of less than 24 hours ago Banking is still flawless
  7. I guess I just didn't read it completely and because I thought runite wasn't in the script because it was still buggy but would be added later when it was complete. I've really only used it for iron powermining at ardougne to get to 85 which apparently I could be doing with the free version which I have actually been doing recently because of issues with the premium one randomly stopping after a couple hours saying that I'm not allowed to run it. I did find a bug with your script though, if you are powermining iron in ardougne (this may also apply to other powermining locations) and a gem or any item that isn't iron ore in the first inventory slot, it will stop mining until you manually drop that item.
  8. Will there be an upgrade option to get the runite version? I bought this script with the intention of mining runite in the future.
  9. How much longer will it be before you can get runite working well? I have a heroes guild account that I would lend but it's only 83 mining at the moment.
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