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  1. Hey man, Sorry but I just don't know what to type in the "2CaptchaKey" Box, where do I get the key from? RS no longer has keys as text instead its you have to solve the pictures.
  2. Do you have a trial for this? Would consider buying if all goes well.
  3. Hey there, I have setup my list of items, Is there a reason why the bot only puts an offer in for one of those items then idles and logs out? I have enough money in inventory to complete other offers so I really don't understand.
  4. [10:50:32] Ryan Chand: Hey wanna buy 25m osrs ?
    [10:50:51] ▐Runescape Gold Shop▐  www.Probemas.com: Hey sure
    [10:50:59] ▐Runescape Gold Shop▐  www.Probemas.com: 1.05$/m
    [10:51:14] Ryan Chand: Pm me first please

  5. Training strength at Rock Crabs. 1428988519823-clicked_interfaces.dat 1428988519823-clicked_minimap_points.dat 1428988519823-clicked_points.dat 1428988519823-drop_item_delay.dat 1428988519823-login_times.dat 1428988519823-logout_times.dat 1428988519823-minimap_point_steps.dat 1428988519823-reaction_times.dat
  6. Keep getting this error, Bot won't trade the seller. Screenshot below http://gyazo.com/83f8388e696cfc1192aabca513246528
  7. Doctor

    Congratulations to YoHoJo

    Omfg, Hes like my worst enemy, But grats anyways mate.