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  1. [10:50:32] Ryan Chand: Hey wanna buy 25m osrs ?
    [10:50:51] ▐Runescape Gold Shop▐  www.Probemas.com: Hey sure
    [10:50:59] ▐Runescape Gold Shop▐  www.Probemas.com: 1.05$/m
    [10:51:14] Ryan Chand: Pm me first please

  2. Training strength at Rock Crabs. 1428988519823-clicked_interfaces.dat 1428988519823-clicked_minimap_points.dat 1428988519823-clicked_points.dat 1428988519823-drop_item_delay.dat 1428988519823-login_times.dat 1428988519823-logout_times.dat 1428988519823-minimap_point_steps.dat 1428988519823-reaction_times.dat
  3. Need 10 - 25 Agility. No botting MUST be done by hand. All pre requisite quests for Monkey Madness and then Monkey Madness itself. Looking for trusted users only. Contact me on Skype with price: Ryan.tbxo
  4. Hey there, Could you please pm me your skype.
  5. Did some swaps here, Very reliable clan, Thanks!
  6. If you do not bot you will not be banned.
  7. Keep getting this error, Bot won't trade the seller. Screenshot below http://gyazo.com/83f8388e696cfc1192aabca513246528
  8. Deleted as you tried to lead me to some "Dice" clan which I have no interest in.
  9. Welcome to Doctor's Buying EOC / 07 Thread! Buying 07GP: 2.9 - 3.2 Buying RS3GP: 0.30 - 0.39 Skype: Doctor.Tribot I WILL NEVER TRADE WITHOUT PM CONFIRM