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  1. Well hell yeah then, will give it a go once the client is back up. Should of known it was that way with how well it works lol.
  2. Even though its a safe minigame forcing the bot to go into break mode during a fight would cause a death and would like to avoid that if possible( I think), unless the script knows to finish the kill before taking a break. If that is the case I will happily use the break handler.
  3. Hey man, love this script but, I have a question. Could it be possible to add an option for it to do X amount of kills and log off?
  4. Very nice to see suggestions like this added, progress is coming a long really nice. Can hardly wait to see the release product.
  5. While no lifetime option is a bummer, if there is a reasonably priced monthly option for 2-4 auths, I would jump on this in a heartbeat. With custom attack option for each brother and killcount options this would be a beast. Otherwise this is looking really solid and the updates on whats happening is nice
  6. Have to agree with this. Custom killcount/% would be great, and a lifetime option would be great.
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