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  1. I am selling TRiBOT credits for OS:GP and RS Membership cards/bonds. Discuss price with me I'll prob give you a good deal! Skype: obnoxdocks email: [email protected]
  2. Now i'm getting an error.. [13:03:04] java.lang.NullPointerException[13:03:04] at org.tribot.api.Textures.getAll(bp:133)[13:03:04] at org.tribot.api.Textures.find(bp:111)[13:03:04] at org.tribot.api.Textures.find(bp:148)[13:03:04] at org.tribot.api.ChooseOption.getPosition(ti:161)[13:03:04] at org.tribot.api.ChooseOption.getArea(ti:91)[13:03:04] at org.tribot.api.ChooseOption.getOptions(ti:164)[13:03:04] at scripts.tradingScript.run(tradingScript.java:41)[13:03:04] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[13:03:04] Script Ended: tradingScript.If I try to do anything regarding ChooseOption that error happens..
  3. I was looking for a right click and I couldn't find one, how would I go about doing that
  4. If it stops working, contact me and I'll fix it. If I have stopped playing RS07 at the time I will require access to an account. I could probably make that, skype me. Any more questions please direct to me on Skype as I wont check the thread often.
  5. Odd.. I might remake a lot of script soon anyways because of problems like this.
  6. I found a script that does training and decompiled it but everytime I find the player I'm waiting to trade like RSPlayer[] main = Players.findNearest("ArkangelXII");main[0].click("Trade");It puts the mouse over them and then wont even open the Choose Option dialog to trade them, I also tried "Trade with" and that still didn't work, any help?
  7. How would I go about trading another account and accepting it etc..
  8. Okay the script will now support a unequipped RUNE AXE, I don't have dragon axe ID otherwise I'd try to add that, anything below rune axe WONT be added, because you shouldn't be cutting yews with below rune anyway. EDIT: Realized it breaks now if your axe is equipped, fixing atm.. NEW EDIT: Fixed NEWER EDIT: A fix for switching between trees better might be coming out soon.
  9. I'll add support for unequipped right now, update soon! There is just camera movement and the mouse speed changes everytime you start chopping a new yew.
  10. Scripts I can write anything from basic to advanced, everything getting more advanced will cost more. Pricing 07GP Minimum of 500k payment, will rise accordingly. EoCGP Minimum of 5M payment, will rise accordingly. Paypal Minimum of 2$ payment, will rise accordingly. Contact Skype (Preferred) ffxzero Email (Not preferred) [email protected] PM (Skype > PM) obnoxious (TRiBOT) Current Sales (Not Updated Often) I have sold 2 scripts each 1.5M ea
  11. I noticed like 99% of scripts on here didn't support edgeville correctly, example switching between trees, banking etc. I am an entry-level java programmer and don't know much about the TRiBOT API but I tried my best. I took some stuff from SockMonster's AIO script, (nest and ent). Other things to note Start with axe equipped and in the edgeville bank, note: you can start at trees but it wont bank all your current inventory). Support for unequipped axe will be added soon. Supports nests and ents (or atleast should) ( Ent support is kinda shitty right now, if anyone can improve let me know! ) No paint (If someone else wants to do it, ill add it to OP.) Switching between trees should work fine now... If there is problems let me know! << I seemed to notice it doesnt always switch to the north tree. Patch Notes Download is in attachments! ObnoxioiusYews.class ObnoxioiusYews.java
  12. The script tends to fuck up more than others on randoms? or it might just because I've been getting a lot of tele randoms lately. If in combat it will try to log out and obviously fail and then not try against regardless of being in combat. Some things that might need to be worked on.
  13. I have 100M on EoC Runescape that I'm willing to trade for 07Scape gold. Hit me up on skype 'ffxzero'