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  1. heres an image of debug
  2. Description of the bug: It doesn't recgonise that it has to leave the mordaut room once its finished, it just stands till and says #debug 3 How often the bug occurs: Every time i have seen it happen today Triggers of the bug (if known): when it has to leave the room it bugs out (almost like the door ids have changed) Java version: latest TRiBot client version: latest Operating System: windows 7
  3. What does it mean i need my VIP Extended? i can't use it :c?
  4. same with me... i cant even use bot panel because i need my "VIP EXTENDED?" what does that mean, i cant run more the n3 accounts and i should be able to run 4. can somebody please actually help?
  5. I was running 3 accounts a day for a week and got banned, it all depends on what you are doing. if you are cutting yews in Cammy for a week straight or a week with breaks it wont matter as they class that as gold farming (instant ban) same as picking flax. Basically anything like fishing and cutting trees and picking/spinning flax have very high ban rates as when the JAG team come online they are usually the first spots they check for bots. most banning is done manually so its all luck based really, if your break handler logs you out at the right time good on it but personally i don't use it anymore. -Elysian
  6. Hello, I was glad to hear that Tribot was back up and running at 100% but i still manage to get bugs? about 5 minutes ago my Bot died to the Jekyll event, it just stopped what it was doing and said attempting to solve and then it died and said it successfully solved the event. And earlier before that my script Ultimate green dragons stopped randomly and i tried to restart it and i got a note saying the client instance is no longer valid please restart Tribot. anybody else getting these issues?