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  1. My bot is working, but, i used to get like 1500/hr now im only getting 1200 at best. Using glories and the three best pouches(im over 75 rc.) and have 80 agility. Is the script naturally slower now?
  2. when did this become a 4chan board 3/10 made me post
  3. Just purchased, and when starting it makes my items turn into men/skulls/rocks... Even after stopping the script the img stays. Any idea?
  4. [00:54:35] java.lang.NullPointerException[00:54:35] at scripts.UsaAbyssRunecrafter.withdrawItem(y:118)[00:54:35] at scripts.UsaAbyssRunecrafter.bank(y:2614)[00:54:35] at scripts.UsaAbyssRunecrafter.run(y:1309)[00:54:35] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[00:54:35] Script Ended: USA Abyss Runecrafter.Got this a few times now. Any ideas USA?
  5. is there anyway to get a download not from the repository? mine doesnt seem to work.
  6. Dont have a CombatAIO folder in my tribot folder. When i click save, it does nothing. How can i solve this?
  7. It was probably the Canafis clue, in which case, that clue will always be skipped as he did not code that into the script
  8. Im having no problems with this script at all. Near flawless for 9 hours on two accounts. Very rarely does it get stuck without a duel ring in inventory, but other then that A+ Script. I suggest people having problems maybe make sure your gui is correct, because its something on your end.
  9. [21:00:26] Salvation's Script Loader: We successfully solved the Strange Box random.[21:01:15] : Uploading Statistics[21:06:15] : Uploading Statistics[21:11:15] : Uploading Statistics[21:16:15] : Uploading Statistics[21:21:15] : Uploading Statistics[21:24:25] Salvation's Script Loader: Login Bot started![21:24:31] Salvation's Script Loader: Login Bot failed.[21:24:31] Script Ended: Salvation's Script Loader.Happened 3 times now. Its like after it completes a random, succesfully i might add, it cant re situate itself where it was beforehand. Not sure if its something on my end or not. Any advice or info greatly appreciated.
  10. There are still some kinks, if you babysit and catch the small ones and manually fix it, runs great =). Only temporary tho
  11. Mine ran flawlessly all night on two accounts. It must be the tribot update
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