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  1. Why Purchase this service? In recent light, NMZ has become a very popular minigame in runescape. By hosting it gives you the ability to make large sums of money, as many people want specific dreams to maximise there training at NMZ. What does this service offer? You create an account and supply it with a bond, and I will get it the required stats/quests to host. By you creating the account, it makes it safer for you. I am able to create up to 5 accounts at once. Terms of Service: The payment must be paid in full before the service begins, unless I deem you trusted. If you log in and remove any items while I complete the account, I will terminate the service. You must provide me with the account. Guthan's Host - 8M MTD Host - 5M Demon host - 5M Contact me on Skype : mrleague1
  2. Added.
  3. Quite a pathetic view. 'Plus your safe with paypal'. Are you insinuating that it doesn't matter if the buyer get's scammed as they can get there money back? Let me tell you this, I've gone first in a paypal trade and got scammed and not got my money back from the dispute.
  4. VIP run's out, it is not recurring from what I last remember.
  5. Welcome back
  6. How much are you paying?
  7. please tell me you'll wear this at rune fest ahha
  8. Usto be as far as I am aware (haven't purchased in a while). Have you tried logging in and out of your account?
  9. Paying to make money? lol. Your best shot is experimenting and find out what works best for you.
  10. If you have any talents, maybe try freelancing. Stuff like graphics etc can make some money and can easily be done in your spare time. The other job is to go into retail. I live in the UK and maybe supermarkets and fashion shops are keen to taken on students part time and pay decent wages.
  11. Fishy as fuck if you ask me. Anyone wanting to avoid chain bans try getting VIP extended and some proxies to play on different ip's. In reality you'll still get banned because they are up to scratch with there banning atm.
  12. Highly doubt it. A perm ban is a perm ban.
  13. Welcome mate
  14. I'd stick to 1 bot per ip, to reduce the chance of a chain ban. As far as which proxies, the chances of getting a virgin proxy are really slim, so there's always a chance it's been used on RS before, I think any proxies will do as long as they are sock5.
  15. Goodluck with it mate
  16. I haven't purchased them in a while, but when I did they were instant? unless somethings changed.
  17. Currently buying this all.
  18. Pm'd.
  19. Looking for an account with 70 attack defence and strength, done legit. PM me with a quote.
  20. Ballsy haha
  21. Home ip is best for Mules. Theres always chance proxies have been used before and then your fucked.
  22. Welcome mate UK ftw.
  23. Try buy a VPS off there or a runescape related site because they tend to be set up and ready to bot on. How many bots you looking to run. And as for gold farming, when I was actively botting it took me about 4-5 weeks to find a method that I found made me money. With ban rates there isn't a lot of methods that are considerably profitable. You will have to test to see what works for you.