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  1. BloodFlavor

    Credits Through Paypal

    Usto be as far as I am aware (haven't purchased in a while). Have you tried logging in and out of your account?
  2. BloodFlavor

    Need moneymaking idea! i pay

    Paying to make money? lol. Your best shot is experimenting and find out what works best for you.
  3. BloodFlavor

    Credits via PayPal help

    I haven't purchased them in a while, but when I did they were instant? unless somethings changed.
  4. BloodFlavor

    bought two bots already none of them work

    May also be a problem with the way your running it, have you tried running it in lite mode?
  5. BloodFlavor

    Premium Script Trials

    Great addition.
  6. BloodFlavor

    Botted 3 days straight

    inb4 delayed ban. Jagex probs going to do a wave or something soon so we feel it hardddd
  7. BloodFlavor

    need help from experienced botters

    Would probably mostly need more RAM sticks. How many bots do you want to run? then I can guide you as to how much ram you need.
  8. @omg his thread states it isn't supported and Idk if it will be. In other news, since this morning it doesn't seem to be trading the host. I've entered the name case sensitive etc, and still no luck.
  9. when will this be able to use dh and absorbtions alongside rock cake + overloads
  10. BloodFlavor

    I cant see premium scripts

    They've been separated out into categories. Click on them.
  11. BloodFlavor

    Plan on botting for a few days...

    Teamviewer or vip extended. If anything I wouldn't bot while your out incase anything goes wrong. And don't over do it, do it in small hours and be consistent.
  12. anyone got any tips on the best way to getting to 83... i know like 1-19 crimsons, then tropical wagtails to like 43, but after that what should i do..
  13. BloodFlavor

    Tri Puro Puro - 1m+ / hour - N VIP required

    damn just got ban after running for 3 days 24/7 . Made like 6M though