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  1. what are the ban rates like on this? got a 99 mage/range/def acc id like to bot using this however id like to make atleast 100-200m before hammer, any advice or heads up about bans would be great
  2. What's your mouse speed? (Mine is 105 I think). So, you suggest me to get 50 hp and start using overloads? (Atleast bring 1 incase the hp gets up?)
  3. @erickho123 Settings: After 1 hour: (HP level) What am I doing wrong?
  4. Didn't really understand. You mean, I should jut tick the box 'flick prayer 1hp .. smth ' ? If so, I did that before and same thing happened.
  5. So, I want to use absorb method on my pure, but somehow it doesn't flick so often and hp doesn't stay at 1.. Maybe smth wrong with setting or w/e or u should make it flick more ofter? After some time:
  6. Anychance of making it prioritize overload BEFORE rock cake. If i train with absorbtion method + rock cake + overload it drinks overload and spams cake and kills itself >.>
  7. wtf is that dung gltich lol
  8. Looks interesting
  9. Will message ya soon!