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  1. +1 - buy gold from him all the time. Several hundred mil purchased already. Thanks! Merry christmas!
  2. I can't get hardly anything to work. World hopping doesn't work, web walking is obviously a bot as it clicks all over the place. I remember when this script was beautiful and flawless. It doesn't seem to be so any longer.
  3. 100% support. I may buy VIP just to go ahead and upload the files. I'm not a big botter any more, but I love the community and anything helpful for it.
  4. Logs typically sell for 150ea on zybez... Not to mention they're basically the worst exp in the game for EVERY skill that uses them. And you can't even use them for arrow shafts/fletching when you can just buy them from stores by the thousands at a fraction of the time/cost of buying a log and making them. Goodluck selling, but don't try to make it sound like 15m is a great merching deal when they'll probably lose money in all the time they spend selling 100k logs. I'd give you 6-8m at most for a 'good' deal.
  5. NO IT DUSNT 0MG I WUNT MONI BAK Just kidding, it's amazing and I love it. Have you considered adding a herby option in the training options?
  6. Application; Attack; 75+ Strength; 75+ Defence; 70+ Health Points: 80+ I also can get full barrows/whatever armor is needed for the quest. Black D'hide, whatever. I dont need your range or magic wont be used really. Just need someone who can deal and tank melee damage. Timezone: Whatever time, I don't sleep Pm me for skype if you're interested
  7. update changed IDs. Easy fix when the scripter gets around to it (which probably won't be long). Just bot something else in the meantime. Maybe today is the day I'll finish getting 90 agil on my farmers.
  8. Gimme moniez. Have fun in life. Better become like a millionaire or something with all the time you'll have away from RS.
  9. So he can charge back.
  10. I add 3-4 solvers on each gate. Guess I'll just add more until it doesn't ask a question. Also; could you add support for stackables? Such as runes and the like. I use b2p and it won't loot anything while I have a full invy of bones. 2nd edit: It's not looting anything any more. Full invy or empty. It just kills a monster then moves on the next one.
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