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  1. "ver the last few weeks you have heard us talk about some new bot technology we have been working on. Now we are in a position to talk to you a bit more about it. Probably the biggest issue that the community faces is bots. No one can deny that if you want to hunt red chinchompas, chop yew or magic trees or do any number of other activities in game, you are competing with bots. We know you think this isn’t right and neither do we. We have heard a lot of you ask that if we can make RS3 bot free, why can’t we do the same for Old School? The simple reason for this is that a lot of the technology which allows us to identify and remove bots from RS3 does not fully exist in Old School. The changes that we need to make to incorporate this technology would be significantly game changing to Old School and that is something we need to avoid. Currently we have some very good systems for identifying bots in Old School and we ban many thousands of bots every week, however we need to do more. One of the major issues we face is being able to identify bots among honest players that play the game. So, we have developed a system which will transfer a character that we think might be a bot to a special world where we can monitor them much more closely without causing any unnecessary disruption to honest players’ game play. The impact of this will be two fold. Firstly, we expect it to free up the resource points so that honest players like you can play the game without competing with bots. Secondly, it will allow us to focus our systems on very small areas allowing us to clear out bots much more efficiently and accurately than we have ever done before. The only down side this new system has is that some of our more efficient players may find themselves spirited into a new world. However, the transition is very smooth and the worlds look no different to normal worlds so you may not even notice. If you find yourself in a strange world that you do not expect to be in, simply log out and log into the world you want to be in. If a real player is moved to another world, you don’t need to worry about being banned. As we mentioned earlier these special worlds will allow us to be even more accurate in our detection of bots. We believe this solution is the best fit for Old School. Not only will it make an immediate improvement to honest players’ gameplay, it will allow us to remove many more bots out of the game while not changing the fundamentals of what Old School is all about."
  2. do i have to rebuy this? I purchased this back in the summer
  3. at least someone understand what I mean thankfully!
  4. Thanks for not reading my post
  5. Please don't give me that botting is always risky and has always been unsafe crap lol Last time I played 07 was back in the summer, I managed to bot 90 str 60 attk 60 def 79hp one account before it got a temp ban (expires in March 2014) my main which was maxed got permed lol so I started playing 07 again on the 90 strength acc I have no money and am getting desperate to bot so I could get some starting cash to play legit I been hearing that botting is very risky now and that Jagex stepped up there bot detection system
  6. That sucks :/
  7. I tried to email them to unban my perm account and this is what they said Hi (Removed Name), Thank you for your email regarding your account. I appreciate your patience while we worked our way to your mail. As per our Rules our players must not use other software to gain an unfair advantage in our games, this includes automation tools, macros, bots, or auto-typers. Your account has been permanently banned because we have evidence that a macro program was used repeatedly on the account. The duration of an offence is dependent on the severity of the offence. Jagex has always operated a zero tolerance policy with regards to 3rd party programs and for the latest New Post regarding The War against Bots, please click here. We do not offer any kind of ‘first warning’ system – once a macro program is detected, the account is subsequently forfeit. We do not currently offer roll backs as an option instead of a permanent ban. If this was an available option then a roll back would have been applied to the account instead of a permanent ban. As macro offences are thoroughly investigated before being added to the account and we do not ban an account unless we have unequivocal proof that a macro program has been used, your account will remain permanently banned. You are absolutely free to create a new account with which to continue enjoying RuneScape. All you need to do is head over to the RuneScape homepage and click the ‘register’ button at the top right of the screen. Again, I understand that it can be upsetting to lose an account that so much work has gone into, but I’m sure you will gain a great deal more satisfaction from playing on an account without the use of third party software to dilute the experience. I hope I have answered your issues, if you need us again please do not hesitate to contact us - we are always more than happy to help where possible. Take care. How did we do? Please click here to give us your feedback. Kind Regards, Mod Biggles
  8. nope, been using bronze essence though whole time lmao, was to lazy to switch XD needed 50 mining for abbys
  9. Hey I keep getting a client side error when trying to log in, is this happening to anyone else?
  10. cant log in - client side null error
  11. ^^ Thanks so much!
  12. Just want to show you how amazing this script was!
  13. ETA on update?
  14. Everything is malfunctioning my friend btw its a relief to see you post, thought you forgot about this script ha!