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  1. Does this 100% happen? My main has never been banned and I've gotten 10+ accounts banned on this IP and my main is still perfectly fine. (I also bot on my main)
  2. I've currently been running 4 accounts on one ip for about 2 weeks and havent ran into any problems with any bans yet (I bot p2p) If i went up to 7 accounts on this IP, would this be a huge red flag to jagex? does Jagex even look at that? I've figured i wouldve been banned already since no one irl plays 4 accounts.
  3. that's a shame, would've been a great script
  4. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=tithe+farm
  5. Would love this type of script, but i know the minigame is pretty complex. any chance this becomes a thing soon? I'd be willing to buy this script if it was well made for $20.+
  6. Any chance you can add a feature a "never drop axe" feature? for every fresh account i want to put iron-rune axes on them from the get go. The script currently drops axes when powerleveling. It would be amazing if you aded such feature:)
  7. Red chins are still broken, it keeps thinking i that it did't lay a trap somewhere and repeated attempts to lay a trap where there is already one. maybe its the script loader?
  8. Guam(199), Marentill(201), Tarromin(203) Hey Loop, Is there anyway you can take these out of the looting list?
  9. Not necessarily this scripts fault, we're you botting with other scripts as well? Nope.
  10. got banned on one of my lvl 70s. Great script though, too bad i got banned...
  11. Great script. It can use quicker combat clicking and detection but i can't complain. its great.
  12. how about you unblock my IP already... i sent you messages like 5 times...