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  1. Even when the update happened on the 3rd, your alcher still worked compared to other scripts which were premium! Just like your Theive premium script. this is also flawless
  2. thanks Bradsta for this amazing script! My thoughts : you could make alching a bit smoother which would increase alchs per hour as sometimes it glitchs while alching, it double clicks high alchemy wasting a alch.
  3. haha queen OT : hopefully it wont be long untill its all sorted! ive noticed alot of scripts have screwed up because of this stupid runescape update!
  4. The problem we are talking about is not the nulls one, the alching/superheat problem is that. It clicks on High alch/Superheat and then it malfunctions and starts to click on the magic or invent tab over and over instead of clicking the item its supposed to alch/superheat.
  5. Sometimes it glitchs to become heads and sometimes its fine! so confused how its occurring!
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