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  1. Is that the only account your botting on? Are you using a proxy?
  2. Jajex have said in a post that 75% of goldfarmers get banned within 48hrs. Mine seem to get banned within 35-60hr time frame.
  3. Yeah, theres no paint at all lol...
  4. Welcome back mate
  5. 1 bug found with camera angle, fixed itself great script! Wheres the proggy though? Its been running for 3hrs now!
  6. Will test all day today! Can't see any proggy?
  7. this thread keeps getting funnier and funnier lol, keep the lols coming opie
  8. Hold on hold on, your posting this on a botting forum? If shes in foster care, how is she being treated there? Do you know the foster parents? If you just want to take her in to have sex, that's rape if she doesn't consent. how old are you? lolololllollolololllollolololllollolololllollolololllollolololllollolololllollolololllol your 15 thinking about sex, wow what a childhood *sarcastic clap*
  9. Your camera angles at druids are a bit off. It wont attack anything because of a certain angle. Gets stuck at first gate going to druids, will open gate but not go through. Gets stuck outside the 2nd gate exiting druids. Another bug where it will just stay still where druids are and not attack anything, nothing in the bot debug, but the proggys shows this:
  10. It's exactly what you said, because the druids are aggressive. Would deathwalking be a big thing to implement, how about the looting bag? Died by some one with ancient magicks lol...
  11. It also seems to die alot aswell, Im not getting pked, so I dont know what the problem is. Could you add deathwalking aswell? The bot could you web walk to edge and start back up again.
  12. inbetween gates running to the bank, where the skeles are
  13. When it takes a break the bot, then logs bank in, if it was taking a bank trip, itll just stay in the dungeon and wont procced to the bank.
  14. Maybe add a list or video at the front page to describe each part. Eg Target: Type your targets name eg. Moss giant Location: Debug>Location eg 45798x 897y 0z I would more than happy to pay if this was a premium script, just not in its current state....
  15. Good so far, couple of bugs, when its running to the gate,itll just stop and this is in the bot debug.